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Brightmind Your Personal Meditation Coach

Developer – Brightmind Meditation LLC

Price – 14 day free trial ($7.99 per month)


Brightmind Review

I have never got into meditation, but always respected those who are into it. I can immediately notice how relaxed and comfortable they are with themselves.  I always envied their ability to not let work or normal stresses bother them so when I saw this app, it seemed like a great opportunity for me to learn and realize the benefits of meditation for myself.  I used it and followed the plan for two weeks.  Currently Brightmind has eight meditation practices or programs: Physical Senses, Relaxation, Training Positivity, Thoughts & Emotions, Noting & Labeling, Mindful Awareness, and Life Practice.  Brightmind plans on releasing a new practice every month.  The app will allow you to access the first couple of programs for free, but the others will require subscription which costs $7.99 per month (or lifetime membership for $399.99).  They do offer a 14 day free trial period which includes automatic payment if you don’t physically cancel the program within the trail period.

Just like the Fender app, the app starts for the individual that has had no exposure to meditation. It does a great job of explaining the purpose, goals and techniques of meditation. The app will provide recommendations on how to meditate and will even tailor the course based on your goals of meditation.  Your goal options are: perform your best, stress less, communicate better, aches and pains, or simply just meditate.  During each lesson, the relaxing voice of the instructor will walk you through the process over either a 10 minute or 15 minute duration.  During the classes, they nicely work in new techniques as you progress.

During my two week trial, I performed a mediation class in the morning and evening. I highly recommend using a structured schedule and following it will give you the best results.  I liked the ability to select my goals as I would pick a course based on how my day was.  If my back was hurting, I selected a program to relief aches, and if I was stressed, I would select a program tailored to reduce my stress.  I learned lot about the general practice of meditation and while I certainly didn’t become a monk over my two week trial, I did notice small changes in my stress level and just felt a bit more relaxed and comfortable.  While I chose not to extend my free trial into the monthly subscription, I hope to continue practicing mediation and definitely got value out of this app and learned a lot about a culture I didn’t know much about.  If you are even remotely interested in meditation, I would recommend downloading the app and giving it two weeks where you really try to absorb and practice the techniques as I do see value in the practice of meditation.

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