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What is Captioned and How Does It Work?

Captioned Say, Show, Share is a new, unique medium to create your own videos and pictures with audio and music, or provide a voice over and modify existing movies or pictures. Share your creations in the Captioned community.  Just like First Person News, we appreciate fresh apps allowing the users to be interactive and share their content.  Who wants to be a Narrator?  After creating your personalized videos with your messages, they will automatically post to Captioned’s community on the app.  You can also post them on another social media network via the app.  The app does require you to create a profile (account) by using Facebook, Twitter or simply through a text message with your phone.  From here, you will want to edit your profile with a short biography and add your personal avatar.  The app opens with the “Home” tab where you cycle through Captioned’s hottest videos, stories, rants, latest feed and other categories of pictures and videos. At the bottom of the app, you can toggle to different screens: to the activity screen shows your recent activity and posts, the add screen (just a + sign) is where the creativity starts with your own videos and pictures, the profile screen permits you to change your information, the create series page allows you to upload videos of the same type or message, and finally, the search screen is self-explanatory.

Video Editing AppsBe Your Own Editor, Director, and Producer

Now that we burned through the basics, let’s dive into the creation phase which is where the magic happens (unlike my bedroom). Under the add tab in the home screen, you will find your options for creating videos and pictures.  For starters, select content from your own picture library, use your camera to film or take still shots (this is fancy for pictures, they teach that at film school), or import GIFs and images directly from the internet through the app.  After your content is ready, the creativity begins.  Add your own audio narrating the video and use the segue command to add music directly from the app. After your masterpiece is complete, use the top right arrow to move toward publishing options.  Add a video name and short description, publish Video Editing Appsit to your series, or add it to preselected categories.  After publishing you will now have the finished product and the ability to share it via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  Additionally, you can save it to your personal camera roll and text it to anyone.

Captioned Say, Show, Share Final Take

I remember when YouTube came out, the older generation and large media networks didn’t believe people would want to shares videos of friends and them self to complete strangers to view. We know what happened, and I think Captioned has expanded on the idea to allow users the ability to easily create memes and GIFs and has provided them a community by which to share it.  The process is simple, and they already have some unbelievable content. Check out Sophia P. Chew’s “How to Video Editing AppsPronounce Spotify” for a quick, funny video that also demonstrates the abilities of Captioned.  Currently, you can “heart” others postings and comment on them similar to Twitter, but we would like a “follow” option to streamline the content you want to see.


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