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 Extreme Couponing My Cartwheel App Story

Target, one of America’s top retailers, has introduced a new discount and coupon app, “Cartwheel App.” I recently came upon this coupon app while in a local Target store where the most of the staff was sporting t-shirts printed with “Ask me about Cartwheel App.” Not knowing what this meant and assumed it was a ploy for my wife to spend more money in this establishment, I initially ignored the command. Shortly thereafter and while standing in line, I noticed the cashier scanning the phone of random customers.  My curiosity set in immediately. I quickly interrogated the customer in front of us, and she explained to me that it was a discount app for Target (this app only works with Target not other place like TellANF) so I immediately downloaded the app to my Android, and my wife downloaded the app to her iPhone almost simultaneously. However, it was too late at that point to redeem coupons, but the app does let you accrue reward points at the completion of checkout by tapping the Checkout, shopping cart icon. Once you reach the 5000 point threshold, you will receive free “stuff” according to the cashier. You receive 10 points for every dollar spent so I will start reaping the rewards of this app once I spend $500. Let me rephrase that… “once my wife spends $500.” The Checkout icon also lists available coupons at the bottom of the screen with some great deals. For example, you can get one free Xbox game with the purchase of an Xbox ONE S Console. This great deal better be offered around Christmas time!

Cartwheel App ReviewCartwheel App Features

Oh, and this app offers more… a lot more. The home screen has an extensive list of exclusive coupon offers for various products. Can anyone say “EXTREME COUPONING?!” The search engine on this app is state of the art as well. It offers voice recognition software and a barcode scanner to determine if any discounts or coupons apply to products around the store while shopping. I strongly discourage this practice, but I also love my wife. This app offers great savings instantaneously, and if you are into extreme couponing, this app is only an added bonus. It will keep track of the offers and coupons via list aptly named My List pictured with a currency icon.  The personalization of this app doesn’t stop there. There is also a Me icon pictured with a silhouette which shows your history at Target (don’t really wanna know that), your offers redeemed. Under this same icon, one can change personalized settings such as your Target store of choice, notifications, and the app offers a typical help menu with frequently asked questions and so on. Even if you are not a fan of Target because you can’t leave there without spending $75, I highly recommend downloading the Cartwheel app to your Android smartphone or Iphone, and the fun doesn’t stop here.

Don’t Forget ABout the redcard

In addition to all the instant saving and discounts this coupon app offers, you can earn an additional 5% discount off of your entire purchase by using the Target REDcard. You simply apply for the card which is tied to your bank account and swipe the REDcard in lieu of your debit card. Learn more about the REDcard at

Cartwheel App Closing Arguments

In closing, whether you are into extreme couponing, just looking for instant coupons and discounts, or a combination thereof, this is a very useful app and a “must” download.  Like sports apps, there are abundance of shopping apps, but if you are going to give one that will save you money, this one is it.

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