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best trivia appDeveloper: Zentertain

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free (although users will want to check out to increase their credit limit)


Everyone loves free money, and it’s very seldom free money is offered to us unless we are picking it up off the ground. Alas! The Cash Show – Win Real Cash! App will pay you for to play trivia. You now have the opportunity to be rewarded for all the useless knowledge you have absorbed throughout your life.

trivia appThe cash show app is a live trivia game show with daily cash prizes. We are not talking about JEOPARDY!-type money here, but there is a pot of money up for grabs and everyone is a contestant. The prize pools I have seen offered are anywhere from $2000-$2500 (US), but I am confident the more people play, the more the prize offering or cash, in this case, will be. Shows are regularly scheduled daily so make sure your notifications are set to “on” and you join the contest in time or you will not be able to compete.



Playing is easy unless you are not a trivia buff. You will just need to register a valid phone number and screen name, and you are official and ready for the next show. Questions are multiple choice while you must answer the question correctly within ten seconds to advance. If you answer incorrectly your game show experience will cease, however, there are some strategically placed prize questions by which you will still be rewarded if answered precisely prior to elimination. Also, don’t feel like it’s “do or die.” For one, it’s a free trivia game for free money, and two, you have “boosters” to help you along the way. There is an “extra life” booster which is self-explanatory, and a “wrong gone” feature which removes one wrong option before answering a question.

credit one increase request

You can only use each of one booster once per show, and the “extra life” will be used automatically if you choose the incorrect answer. You can earn more lives by sending invitation codes to family and friends, and login to Facebook to get five more “wrong gones.”

cash show trivia appThe game is exciting while it lasts and really gets your heart pumping. There is a live chat feature at the bottom of the screen where you can express your frustrations and make excuses or chose not even view the chat dialogue. Keep in mind, you are playing amongst thousands of the people so the prize pool will diluted with multiple winners. However, the prize pool will rollover to the next show if no one wins.

Sound too good to be true? There is no need to challenge the legitimacy of this app because after you win $10 or more, you can PayPal your winnings to your bank account. So if you don’t want to earn free money, don’t waste your time with this app, but it’s a free investment for free money. You must give it a try!

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