Medieval Life

medieval life appDeveloper: Alphaquest Game Studio

Rating: Teen

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Medieval Life is a cute game with a rather simple premise. As the name suggests, you get to enjoy medieval life in any way that you see fit. The experience is really enticing and fun, but the best part is that you can create your own castle, customize the interior and also see how the scenery, day and nigh as well as other changes can influence your castle and the people in it.

It’s nice to see that you can create your own castle, and you can also travel around the world as you try to hunt a variety of mythical creatures and enjoy a unique set of challenges that may come your way. It’s safe to say that Medieval Life is quite demanding and sometimes even increasingly challenging. The best part about this game is that you do have 8 different castles. That does get to make the gameplay more distinct and fun, which is exactly what you want to take into consideration in here.

medieval life simulation gameAnd yes, you also need to think about the multiple customization options. The title has around 150 customizations that you like a lot, and you certainly want to use this approach to your advantage. The thing to keep in mind here is that you do have multiple quests in the world. As a result, visiting new locations can open up new quests and other cool stuff for you to enjoy. It’s definitely going to get a lot more interesting and fun, which is exactly the thing you need from a game like this.

Medieval Life isn’t only a simple game, it’s also a challenging one at times as well. You do have 9 weapons with various attributes, so you can eliminate your enemies and enjoy the experience the best way you can. Capturing all the legendary creatures in the game isn’t a simple feat, but you have to do it and it can get really fun as you play.

medieval gamesYet that’s the thing that you will love with Medieval Life. It always manages to evolve and it can definitely bring in front some nifty solutions to all the problems that you encounter! I also liked the fact that you can bet in the Frostland Tavern, that’s a nice mini-game which does make sense in the overall ark of the title.

Moreover, it’s nice to see that you can set traps and you can also explore the world bit by bit if you so desire. It’s one of those things that do make a lot of sense for you and which can be incredibly fun all the time. You are definitely going to enjoy the Medieval Life simulation presented here. It’s a blend between interesting and cartoony, which is really cool. But the best part is that the game is really funny, and it always tries to be better and better. That’s why you want to try it out, because it’s fun and it always offers you something cool to do. Medieval Life is a great simulator, and it’s offering you a great blend of tycoon and RPG.


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Snow Trial – Winter Game App

snow trial appDeveloper: FunGenerationLab

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


For those of us who reside in the northern hemisphere, we are enduring winter. When you think of winter, you obviously think of cold and snow which is what has motivated me to download Snow Trial. This app is a mobile game for those who may just want to kill some time or may be ski and/or snowboarding enthusiasts. As you can now gather as to what the game entails, let me delve into it a little more.

winter game appGame Play

No registration is required to play so you are ready to play immediately after installing the app. You can chose from a skier or snowboarder and male or female character. It’s a landscape format game where your thumbs do all the work. The left control rotates your player to help maintain balance and the right controls your acceleration and breaking. The races are relatively easy at first and most courses are pretty short in length so you can really burn through some races in a little amount of down time or while your wife complains about menial work problems. Don’t get too carried away with speed, otherwise, you snow appmay end up in a faceplant and will be forced to restart. Races are categorized as easy, medium, and hard. Each race is timed and the object is to collect coins and coin chests along the way. You can use the coins to unlock more characters and you will also unlock characters as you progress. Coins can also be gathered through miscellaneous achievements so make sure you tap the achievements button to check your status. Once you elevate your status to Level 2, multiplayer racing is unlocked to add another element of competition. Keep on plowing through races and courses and make a name for yourself.

In summation, Snow Trial is a decent mobile game app. It has its unique characteristics and is well developed.  The only knock is the advertisements which you are blasted with after almost every race. Ads are commonplace amongst free apps so you get what you pay for or lack thereof.

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Arena of Valor – MOBA Game

arena of valor downloadDeveloper: Tencent Games

Rating: Teen

Price: Free, in-app purchases.

MOBA (Multi-Player Online Battle Arena) games are very popular right now, and Arena of Valor is one title that tries to bring in an interesting approach when it comes to that particular genre. And, in many ways, it does a very successful job at that.

best MOBA gameRight away, you will see that Arena of Valor is a very distinct and fun game for you to play. Not only that, but it’s also created with the idea that you have a 3-lane arena to explore and that’s it. The game does a very good job at bringing in front an intuitive gameplay, but the strategies are in your hands.

And that’s the cool thing here. Arena of Valor has 40+ heroes and it always receives updates with new heroes and skills. As you can imagine, each hero comes with its own skills, and it does get better and better all the time, which is really fun. You can create a team that include support, marksmen, mages, assassins and warriors if you want too. The great part about the game is that it always makes it easy for you to experience the game in any way you want.

arena of valor charactersAside from the regular 5v5 which is the core MOBA experience, Arena of Valor also goes on a rather interesting path. Basically, it allows you to play 3v3 and even 1v1 if you want. This does bring in front quite a nifty and funny experience. And yes, the game does get better and better the more you play this type of mode. It’s also designed with efficiency and value in mind, which is exactly what you want here.

Based on my experience, you don’t have to wait a lot of time for matches. The games load up fast and finding matches can be pretty good. Yet what I like the most is that the matches are not that long. It’s always important to play shorter matches instead of wasting a lot of time on a single match. The Arena of Valor developers know that, and that’s the thing which makes the title so much better than before.

Joining up your friends in team battles is really good, but you can also play with random people from all over the world. I am a fan of the customization and monetization aspect here. They don’t have skills to pay for, instead you just pay for customizations and skins. That’s fair, and it’s a good monetization system that you can rarely see in games like this. Which is a shame, because something like this is what makes a lot of sense in the gaming community.

Graphically, Arena of Valor also looks nice. It’s not the ultimate MOBA from a visual standpoint, but it does look great and it brings in front a rather nifty value as a whole. I particularly like it because it delivers a fun experience as a whole and it’s quite fun to play all the time. You will be very impressed when it comes to playing the game, and this will certainly offer you a lot of fun.


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Dash Quest – Auto Running Meets RPG

Developer – Tiny Titan Studios

Price – Free with in app purchases

Dash Quest The Quick Rundown

Dash Quest Heroes is a new game released for both Android and iOS, but the thing that makes it so good is the fact that this is an auto runner with a lot of class. Basically, it’s an automatic running game that also has a lot of RPG elements. The 16-bit graphics and soundtrack add up to deliver a really good, immersive experience.

At its core, the game is just a 3-lane auto runner. You need to control the action from above and the hero can be controlled simply by swiping on your screen. It’s a really convenient experience and that does work very well.

Also, it’s nice that you can tap left to use the sword and if you tap right you will block any attacks. Since this is an RPG, you will see that the game allows you to learn new skills, acquire better equipment and so on.

Dash Quest Gamplay

The gameplay is very convenient and fun. Of course, you get to explore new locations all the time, and the best part is that your character also grows and evolves the more you play. Basically, you can unlock new adventurers, classes and so on. And the hero you choose has 200 skills that span over 50 levels. There’s a ton of content to be had here, and the best part is that you do have tons of enemies as well.

But why would you improve your skill? Well, there’s a very important reason, and that would be “bosses”. There are lots of boss battles in the game, and these will test all your resilience, power and focus. It can be very hard to prepare for any boss that may appear, but that’s the thing that makes the game stand out. Not only is it very fun, but it also brings in front that sense of challenge that you can rarely find in the case of many games nowadays.

Dash Quest – The Extras

I also like the fact that this game has some interesting mini-games. If you get tired of the regular gameplay, you can enjoy stuff like archery, fishing, mine cart madness and so on. All these things can be a distraction from the main quest, but they are actually a ton of fun.

There are online leaderboards too, so if you are competitive you will definitely want to check those out. But you aren’t required to become the best here. You just have to play the way you want and enjoy the experience, so there’s no pressure there.

It’s the customization and power-ups that will make you come back again and again. There are always new things to find out and you are free to change your hero’s visuals in any way you see fit. There’s no real restriction in this regard, and that’s maybe what makes the game so good to begin with.

Dash Quest Final Thoughts

So, Dash Quest Heroes is indeed a very fun game. The combination of a 16-bit RPG with other similar game types is really interesting, and it does certainly bring in front some nifty opportunities for you to explore. Overall, Dash Quest Heroes comes as a recommended game, especially if you are a fan of exploration, RPG elements and adventuring!

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Injustice 2 – Be a DC Hero

Developer – Warner Bros

Price – Free with in app purchases

Injustice 2 – Fight All the DC Characters

Injustice 2 is one of the latest fighting games on mobile. What makes it stand out is that it features a huge variety of DC heroes, so you can easily fight with or against some of your favorite superheroes out there. Some good examples are Superman, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and many others. The thing to note here is this game is all about 3v3 battles.

You select a crew of 3 heroes you can use to battle an enemy crew of 3 villains/heroes. The thing to note here is each one of the heroes has his/her own attacks and special powers. Not only that, but you can easily collect gear for your champion and you can enter a variety of PVP battles. This seems simple in the beginning, but it does bring in front lots of cool ideas and moments for you to explore.

On top of that, Injustice 2 does a very good job when it comes to adding a stellar combo system. There are lots of combos you can unlock based on the hero you choose. You can also use the special hero attacks to create powerful combos which will end up eliminating your enemies very fast.

The gear received in Injustice 2 is actually quite good. I was very impressed with how varied it is, yet at the same time it still retains the same kind of experience  you would desire to have from a game like this.

Injustice 2 – Story Line

The story in this game is very good too. They have a similar story and idea when compared to the previous game, and they did a very good job at bringing in some nice graphics too. Basically, Injustice 2 offers an astonishing game experience rivaling console quality experiences. It really goes to show just how impressive the game gets to be most of the time, and this certainly says a lot.

When it comes to the online games, I found Injustice 2 does a very good job at making the experience pretty fair. The servers do need a bit of work from time to time, but I found it to be really enticing and fun for sure. It’s one of those things which will be accessible for you and in the end, it’s just a really good game play experience.

Of course, if you want the game to be competitive, Injustice 2 can be like that for you. While you can play against the A.I., the major experience comes from fighting other people. The simple fact that you can switch through 3 heroes is very good.

But yes, it all comes down to how you use them which is the strategic part and can be difficult. Yet as long as you take your time and try to shape a great time, the gameplay will only get better. Thankfully, there are no restrictions when it comes to the way you play. And yes, there are lots of characters to unlock, as well, which makes the game extremely entertaining. It’s certainly worth your time, so try it out!




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Last Day on Earth: Survival – Another Good Zombie Game

Developer – Andrey Pryakhin

Price – Free with In-app Purchases

Last Day on Earth: Survival – What Is It

Survival is one of those games that feel harsh in the beginning, but does tend to grow on you rather quickly. Simply put, the idea is you are on a post-apocalyptic location and you have to stay alive for as much time as you can. The thing you have to remember here is that this is not a friendly location. As I played, I realized everything will try to eliminate you, especially zombies. So yes, it’s a rather challenging  zombie game, but this is where the game shines.

It’s the survival aspect of this title which makes it standout for a lot of people. And it has to be like that, because the gameplay idea is rather simple. You are in a very challenging game world and you need to stay alive for as much time as you can. You either kill zombies or they kill you. Thankfully, you are not alone.

There are a lot of people in this game world, and each time you get to enter a group and kill zombies. You can play alone, enter a clan, and so on. You will find lots of fun possibilities to be had in here, and the experience can definitely be among one of the best out there. It’s fun either way, although cooperative gameplay does make it a tad better.

Last Day on Earth Even Has Crafting

But what about crafting? As you can imagine, Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival game at its core, so it does come with crafting. You need to gather stuff and craft items if you want to stay alive. The more stuff you get, the easier it will be to create new and helpful items for you. It’s certainly not going to be easy, but in the end it’s by far one of the better options for you to explore.

You can find multiple weapon types in the game, and you can also try to adjust and upgrade them if you want. Controls as a whole tend to work very well, and the game does a very good job at bringing in outstanding solutions and ideas without much of a hassle. It really is an intuitive title with a lot going on for it, that’s for sure.

But then again, what sets Last Day on Earth: Survival apart?  The fact you do have a massive world to explore and you have to stay alive the best way you can is the “it” factor. It really is a challenging thing to focus on, and in the end, it will obviously bring to the forefront quite a lot of demanding situations.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Last Thoughts

Last Day on Earth: Survival can help you prepare for intense situations and it can definitely become very challenging and fun to play all the time. The customization functions are great too, and the game doesn’t have many bugs making it a blast to play, and if you join up with a clan or play with friends, then the experience is even better!


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Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game

best mini golf appDeveloper: Bluehole PNIX

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with in-app purchases


When you think of mini golf app, you probably think putt putt app. Well, I would classify Mini Golf King as putt putt on steroids, in a good way. It is a multiplayer, online format where you can compete against others worldwide. If you think Golf Clash is awesome, well, this golf app is trending up!

Playing Mini Golf King

As with most games, you will be given a quick tutorial and unlike your typical putt-putt, your golf bag comes with a driver, iron, sand wedge, and putter. Slide your finger back, aim, and let go. The obvious objective is to sink the ball in less strokes than your opponent, but also try to aim for gems to collect along your ball’s travel path. If you “push” the hole, the tie breaker is your gem point total for the hole.

putt putt appThe game is structured in stages whereas you gain experience by outdueling your opponents allowing you to advance and play more courses. The courses are very unique and offer a lot to take in. As I mentioned before, make an effort to collect gems but be wary of the many obstacles. There are bunkers, water hazards, and even dynamite bombs to make the holes a bit more challenging. You can even hit or get hit by your opponent’s ball. If you prevail, you will awarded coins and trophies. You will need coins to play holes, and trophies will help work towards chests and advancement to higher stages. Chests will contain coins and equipment upgrades which will only elevate your game.

If you want to expedite your status from beginner to pro, take advantage of the in-app purchases in the form of currency offered which is gold bars. Gold bars range from a handful (80) to a vault (16,000) with a price tag of $.99 to $99.99, respectively. Some things come with a price so if you are serious about this game, break out your wallet. Much like real golf, this “sport” isn’t cheap. Don’t fret if you are as cheap as I am and don’t desire to fork out the funds, but your progression up the ranks will just be gradual and patience is encouraged.

best putt putt gameLast Hole

As you have probably already gathered, this app comes highly recommended, and it didn’t take long for me to become enamored with this great game. This game is absolute enjoyment and entertainment, and I have a feeling Mini Golf King will be a “hole-in-one” for the app world.

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Spades – Classic Card Game

best spades appDeveloper:

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

Most people enjoy playing card games of some sort and usually, we have our favorites. In my case, I thoroughly enjoy the game of spades. It’s one of those games which creates the competitive atmosphere of card games, but doesn’t really necessitate betting. With this being said, I have chosen to download Spades – Classic Card Game. This is the best spades app I have come across to date.

Playing Spades

Even if you aren’t spades player, this app has a great tutorial to get you started. Basically, you are given two choices of game play as your opponents, “bots” or multi-player online. I chose “bots” first just to refresh my memory of how to play and to not embarrass myself with the real people online. All the typical rules apply. You have place a bid of how many “tricks” or “books” you expect to win and be mindful of what your partner is bidding as well. “Nils” are in play, and if you are desperate or just simply willing to take the risk, blind “nils” can be bid without even looking at your cards. The risk may be worth the reward as you will be awarded extra points if you achieve a “nil” or “blind nil” bid.

free card game appsA few simple taps of the screen will allow you to play your card. Do your best to “cut” your opponents while achieving your bid. If one of your opponents do not get their number of “books” per their bid, they will lose points and likewise for your team, of course. This also applies to the aforementioned “nil” bids. Strategy is key, and just because you don’t win the majority of the books, doesn’t mean you lost the game. The default game is set to 500 points which allows for several decks to be played out. Once all thirteen books are accounted, the next screen will tabulate the scoring. Regardless, of the hand you are dealt, there is always an approach keep yourself in the game.

Final Deal

This spades app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s a free game and if you don’t mind a few ads here and there, it can be enjoyed at your leisure. As I stated earlier, it is the one of the best spades apps I have played and will continue to play. Good Luck!

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HQ Live Trivia – Win Real Cash


HQ Live Trivia

Developer – Intermedia Labs

Price – Free

HQ Live Trivia Rundown

HQ Live Trivia is a new app and just like the title, you play trivia with thousands of others in real time for real money. HQ Live Trivia was founded by Rus Yusupov, who was the cofounder of the former social media site, Vine.  Yusupov is starting a new idea with HQ Trivia making an app real time based and interactive.  Every day at 3:00 EST and 9:00 EST, they perform a rapid fire 12 question trivia game hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky.  Get lucky or just be plain smart enough to answer all ten questions correctly, and you win the jackpot.  The jackpot is split equally among all winners. The price pool is always increasing as revenue increases.  The first jackpot was only one hundred dollars. The app first launched 3 months ago and the jackpot has already increased to $10,000 for tonight’s event (12/10/2017).  We are playing for real cash here, and it is paid to you through PayPal instantaneously if you win.  The questions are all general trivia with varying difficulty.  It does not appear the questions increase in difficulty as the game goes on.  You have only ten seconds to answer each multiple choice question (3 answers only).  The host Scott Rogowsky delivers each question with excitement and ending most with a little joke.  While playing or after you get eliminated, you can comment and join the live conversation below the game.  The app just started a cool and smart marketing tool which gives players an extra life for each person who signs up for the app and enters your username in the referral section.

HQ Live Trivia Final Thoughts

Not only do I find this app new and exciting, I even allowed the app to send me push notifications for when games are starting. I think this is the first app that I have allowed push notifications to interfere with my life.  The questions are a good variety of topics and not out of the world difficult.  Remember regardless of the outcome, HQ Trivia is giving away the money so they don’t have a motive to keep people from winning.  I would hope in the future the questions would include video or audio or possibly even add guest hosts to change it up a little bit.  I do believe the app will get better and more interesting as the developer Rus Yusupov has publicly stated his goal is less about monetizing the app and more about creating a good user experience with the ultimate goal of creating million dollar jackpots.

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Rush: Arcade Game App

rush app gameDeveloper: Ketchapp

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with premium upgrade option

Game apps are a plenty in the world of downloading free apps and it’s been a while since I reviewed a free game for apps so today’s feature app is Rush. It’s a hot, trendy app so I had to download it to see what all the “rush” is about.

Rush Game Play

rush app for androidThere is really no laborious registration process required in order to play. The tutorial is straightforward. Tap the screen to change lanes. “Change lanes for what?” you ask. Well, the game entails a sphere rolling down a roller coaster like road whereas you have to avoid obstacles and to dodge such obstructions you have to tap the screen to move from lane to lane. Don’t slide your finger! It takes too much time and makes the game play harder. The game requires quick thinking and patience as it is challenging at first. Don’t be distracted by the techno music in the background and become riveted by the neon color theme as it only enhances Rush. As you navigate the sphere through the roller coaster- like road, your speed will increase and your reaction time is tested. The first couple times I played this, I literally made it past three or four obstacles. Pitiful! Luckily, restarts are unlimited.  Advice: look ahead along the road as if you were driving a vehicle. This seemed to help me elevate my game after my first failed attempts.

Collect gems for extra points to rank up. You will receive daily rewards to unlock different roads and different types of spheres like an 8-ball for example. Once you get the hang of it, compare your high scores with players across the world. I am not at that level yet. The free version does contain ads, but if you upgrade to the premium package for $1.99 you will lose the ads and earn gems two times faster.

Final Take

Simply put, the controls are easy and the game play is addictive, yet challenging. It’s one of those games you can set down and come back too. I would advise taking a break every once in a whiles as staring at the screen with bright colors and the general pace of the game becomes hypnotic. It’s available for both Android and Apple so give it a try.

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