Cash Show – Win Real Cash! Free Trivia App

best trivia appDeveloper: Zentertain

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free (although users will want to check out to increase their credit limit)


Everyone loves free money, and it’s very seldom free money is offered to us unless we are picking it up off the ground. Alas! The Cash Show – Win Real Cash! App will pay you for to play trivia. You now have the opportunity to be rewarded for all the useless knowledge you have absorbed throughout your life.

trivia appThe cash show app is a live trivia game show with daily cash prizes. We are not talking about JEOPARDY!-type money here, but there is a pot of money up for grabs and everyone is a contestant. The prize pools I have seen offered are anywhere from $2000-$2500 (US), but I am confident the more people play, the more the prize offering or cash, in this case, will be. Shows are regularly scheduled daily so make sure your notifications are set to “on” and you join the contest in time or you will not be able to compete.



Playing is easy unless you are not a trivia buff. You will just need to register a valid phone number and screen name, and you are official and ready for the next show. Questions are multiple choice while you must answer the question correctly within ten seconds to advance. If you answer incorrectly your game show experience will cease, however, there are some strategically placed prize questions by which you will still be rewarded if answered precisely prior to elimination. Also, don’t feel like it’s “do or die.” For one, it’s a free trivia game for free money, and two, you have “boosters” to help you along the way. There is an “extra life” booster which is self-explanatory, and a “wrong gone” feature which removes one wrong option before answering a question.

credit one increase request

You can only use each of one booster once per show, and the “extra life” will be used automatically if you choose the incorrect answer. You can earn more lives by sending invitation codes to family and friends, and login to Facebook to get five more “wrong gones.”

cash show trivia appThe game is exciting while it lasts and really gets your heart pumping. There is a live chat feature at the bottom of the screen where you can express your frustrations and make excuses or chose not even view the chat dialogue. Keep in mind, you are playing amongst thousands of the people so the prize pool will diluted with multiple winners. However, the prize pool will rollover to the next show if no one wins.

Sound too good to be true? There is no need to challenge the legitimacy of this app because after you win $10 or more, you can PayPal your winnings to your bank account. So if you don’t want to earn free money, don’t waste your time with this app, but it’s a free investment for free money. You must give it a try!

Stop the Bus: Best New Card Game App

best card gameDeveloper: Crystal Squid

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free (upgrades are available using any major credit card i.e. Card, Visa, Mastercard)

Remember the card game Blitz? Well, Stop the Bus is Blitz with a twist. Even if you haven’t played Blitz before, this card game app will quickly become addictive.

best card game appSo you ask “How does the name ‘Stop the Bus’ have anything to do with cards?” It’s simple. Each player will start the game with three bus tokens and if you lose all your tokens before everyone else, you are off the bus. At some point, you or another player elects to stop the bus, each player will receive one additional turn, and then the hand will be over and all cards will be revealed. Each hand is reshuffled at this conclusion. Basically, you are trying to get as close to 31 with a three card hand. Aces are worth 11, face or Royal cards are worth 10, and all the other cards are at face value. Cards must be of the same suit in order to count towards 31, and as I mentioned there is a “twist.” Three-of-a-kind is worth 30 points no matter what the face value of the cards.

best mobile card gameAs far as your opponents are concerned, you can choose to play online or against computer players or “bots.” If you choose to play against the computer, you can select easy, average, or challenging opponents. Options for playing online include a quick game with random opponents or custom game by which you can pick who to play with so reach out to online friends, family, or even random opponents for invite to a more personal game.

best mobile card game appIt is my duty to mention that there are video ads which will pop up between hands and games, but they are quick and easily closeable. The game is free and can be played endlessly which another reason why this is one of the best card game apps going out there. As an additional feature, the app will keep track of your stats, and you also have options such as sounds, background music, and card style selections so make this card game as personal as you can. This app comes highly recommended, and if you find this card game entertaining (which I am betting you will), click on the “more games” icon on the home screen for more app offerings by this developer.

Water Park Craft Review: Waterslide Building Adventure 3D

water park appDeveloper: Fat Lion Games

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free, in-app purchases and contains ads

Water Park Craft is a game that does exactly what it says. It enables you to create your own water park and water slide. You are free to use whatever tools at your disposal in order to make the water park of your dreams. It’s a visually distinct experience here and at the same time you will like how clear and easy to use the game really is.

Of course, while you have blueprints, you also have free choice. You are free to choose how to play and how to enjoy everything, which is always a good thing to have. The game does a very good job at bringing in front some unique gameplay ideas, and the best part is that you can also see people race against one another. It really is a fun moment, and it just makes everything so cool as you play.

water park craft appThey did an amazing job with the graphics too. While you can take a while to enjoy everything, Water Park Craft is all about relaxing and enjoying the experience. It really is a nifty and fun game dynamic that you will like a lot.

People wanting to play this will notice that there is no particular holding hand. Sure, you have blueprints, but you can ignore those. The game has a clear focus on fun and on bringing you some cool mechanics which adds to the overall intensity and it makes the overall results a lot better than you would expect.

water park craft reviewA good water park experience is all about having fun with friends. While you can’t play this game with friends, you can try to create some of the best and nicest experiences that you can find out there. Since it’s basically a crafting game, it puts all the power in your hands. You can be as creative as you want, and that does mean a lot for a game like this. Water Park Craft is known for being quite challenging, but at the same time it also has its own, fair share of mechanics that you need to remember.

water park craft app reviewYet despite all of that, it offers the very best way to maintain a good creativity and enjoy your time here. The game is cool as it’s designed for people of all ages and it’s quite challenging at times too. While the experience can be rather tricky at times, overall you will notice that it does take a little bit to create the best water park. And that’s fine, because there’s a lot of content here.

As a whole, I find Water Park Craft to be a very good water park simulator. You get to craft your own water park, and that’s amazing. Plus, the visuals are very good too, and I didn’t really encounter any type of problems with this. It may take quite a while to get the best possible experience, but as long as you don’t rush, then nothing is impossible. Try the game and test your creativity. You will love it!

WildCraft Review – Animal Sim Online 3D

wildcraft gameDeveloper: Turbo Rocket Games

Rating: Everyone 10+

Price: Free, in-app purchases and contains ads

WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D is the game that you will enjoy a lot if you like animals. Here you can play either as a lynx, fox, wolf or choose from many other animals. You have to explore the world, experience it as you see fit, and just enjoy everything that it has to offer. At its core, the idea is that you get to explore the world and see what you can do in order to expand your breed. The developer did a good job at making the entire experience very immersive.

wildcraft appNot only do you have the ability to raise your animal family, but you can also browse the world, attack other animals, prey on them, and so on. It makes a lot of sense in a game like this, and it’s actually a lot of fun to explore and enjoy these options. The coolest part is that the game is designed with fun in mind. It’s interesting, unique, and it’s also offers some really good visuals and graphics especially from the first person point of view.

wildcraft video gameI was very impressed with the focus on creating your own family, but you can also be alone and just explore everything. WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D is a fully 3D game, so it’s pure entertainment to be honest. It does a very good job at bringing in front unique gameplay mechanics, and it’s a good option for those that just want to see life through the eyes of an animal.

wildcraft online gameThe game world is huge, and you can travel to some really interesting locations. They also added fighting achievements which is actually a good option. You are encouraged to attack and try to battle your enemies. Plus, you can also take your time and just appreciate all the challenges and tasks that may appear. While the game does get very intense at times, you can also play it a more relaxing pace if you want.

You’re not forced to attack unless you really want to. As a whole, the game is more focused on keeping you peaceful, and that’s also a good thing to have. That alone is a nice idea, and the fact that you can play with friends and explore the world or engage enemies in battle is a nice way to present you options. It just makes a lot of sense and you will love the entire experience.

As for in-app content, the game does offer some customizations, but they are not hampering the experience, and they are not very expensive. So, I believe the in-app stuff is fair, and you can purchase it if you want to support the game, but it’s not necessitated to complete the experience.

In the end, I believe WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D is a very enjoyable and entertaining game. You can play alone or with friends, the visuals are very good, and the experience on its own is quite exciting. You will notice that the game does have a small learning curve, but overall it’s relaxing and funny. It’s definitely worth the download, if you want to spend some peaceful, yet exhilarating time with a mobile game.

Bu the Baby Bunny Review

Bu the Baby Bunny is a cute game where you need to take care of your pet and nurture it as much as you can. The idea is to make your rabbit the most beautiful one out there. That means you have to dress her up, decorate the house, not to mention you can encounter friends too.  It’s a really fun game, and it does bring in front some amazing opportunities. Basically, the rabbit city is full of great stuff that you can do. You can explore new places, you can access new content all the time, and you can also customize rooms in any way you want without that much of a restriction. That’s what makes Bu the Baby Bunny great, as it focuses a lot of fun and value. It’s an ideal thing to have and one that does bring in front some amazing emotions.

One of the things you will enjoy in Bu the Baby Bunny is her wardrobe. The game offers a variety of clothing options for your bunny, and that’s quite nice. Most of it will be unlocked at first, but you can get it later on. You can see it as a great incentive to play more and properly access the stuff you want.

Despite the fact that the beginning is fun and intense, the game also becomes a bit of a grind at times. And even a chore. You will receive notifications all the time when your rabbit is hungry, and you do have to complete various tasks if you want to move forward. It seems that you can advance at your own pace, but that doesn’t happen all the time.

It’s nice to see that Bu the Baby Bunny does try to offer you lots of great things to do. They added a photo booth which is quite nice and interesting for pet care games. Bu the Baby Bunny also has a few mini games too. It’s the regular puzzle and arcade mini game collection you would expect, nothing too fancy. But it gets the job done, and it’s one of the more interesting parts of the game too.

Taking care of your bunny can still be lots of fun in the long term. The fact that you have to work your way through some unlocks does bring in front that drive and focus you may want from something like this. And the game does deliver plenty of unique moments for you to enjoy, which is exactly what you want from it at the end of the day.

Is this game intense? Not at all, in fact, it’s created for those that want a dress up and pet care experience. Which is fine for most casual players. If you like rabbits in general, you will see that Bu the Baby Bunny is really good and it has lots of content. While I played the game, it received multiple updates too, so the devs are pretty active. Overall, it’s a really good game, and you should consider at least trying it out for yourself!

Magic Siege – Defender review

Developer: AKPublish pty ltd Rave Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free (in app purchases)

Defender is an interesting tower defense game. It allows you to take the role of a mage and the idea here is that you have to defend the castle from the incoming monster waves. The interesting thing about the game is that more and more monsters come to get you. Basically, you have to do all in your power to stop them, and doing that isn’t going to be very easy.  The idea is that you need to use the tactical skills and all your magic potency to make it out alive. Doing that in the beginning is very challenging, and that on its own can lead to a whole host of challenges. But Magic Siege – Defender does bring in front some cool things to take into consideration.

The spell upgrades are nice, since you do get to have something to upgrade all the time. This also encourages you to take risks in the game. Sometimes it will pay off really well, other times not so much. But the idea is to take your time and try to explore this as much as you want. The experience does improve all the time because there are new monsters to enjoy and the overall outcome you get all comes down to the way you strategize.

You can find 6 weapons in total and there are 4 witchcraft scrolls too. Basically there’s a whole lot of stuff for you to enjoy and the gameplay does end up getting better all the time. The graphics in this game are really nice, and you will be quite impressed by them. But the thing that stands out for me is definitely the gameplay.

Defender does a very good job at making you care for the mage and you will feel very invested in the experience as you play. The entire gameplay is always intense and good as a whole, plus there’s a lot of attention to detail to be had here.There are in-app purchases, but these won’t really be a huge problem. They don’t impact the game, and even the most expensive ones will be up to $30 or so. It’s not a large amount considering other games, so their approach is very fair here. And you can play without investing in those.

As a whole, Magic Siege – Defender is a great package. It’s an amazing game, and one that you will be playing for quite a while so you should download and give it a try!

Piggy Pile App Review

piggy pile appDeveloper: Crazy Labs by Tab Tale

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

Who’s ready for another fast paced mobile game? The developers of Piggy Pile are, and they did not disappoint with the release of this app. This has nothing to do with the pigs in Angry Birds so let’s not go there. Piggy Pile is just one of those cute, catchy mobile games. Read the review below and let us convince you.

Playing Piggy Pile

piggy pile for androidPiggy Pile reminds me of playing Subway Surfers for some reason but the graphics are not comparable and you can’t jump. Instead, the controls are simpler in that you are just moving side to side. You can either tap the screen to move left or right or slide your finger accordingly. Whatever your preference, this can be changed under the settings. You will start with one pig and the object is to collect pigs or buddies as you go race along the map avoiding obstacles like gaps, spikes, and even shooting plungers. Collect as many friends as possible which will create a tower of power. You will sacrifice your pigs and friends if you move over gaps or hit obstacles, thus, lowering your tower. In addition to gathering friends, collect clocks to slow down time, grab shovels to fills gabs, snatch bubbles to grow your tower temporarily, and grab coins. Over time you will receive gifts containing coins, as well. Coins will allow you to unlock other maps or continue if you “die” during a level. If you decide not to continue, you will have to restart by which there are no limits of restarts.

Game play gets pretty intense as you accumulate friends and your tower grows. The tempo seems to ramp up too. If it gets too intense, kill the music and sound effects. Sometimes this helps me concentrate better.

piggy pile for itunesContrary to the app’s name, it’s not all about pigs. There are one hundred game characters and twenty different maps so you will have plenty of variety to be amused with. And yes, I must mention ads will appear and will be present at the bottom of the screen but that doesn’t affect the game play at all especially if you are playing on a tablet. It’s free so go ahead and do yourself a favor and download this free app for an entertaining experience.

Hidden Folks – Best Hidden Pictures App

hidden folks app reviewDeveloper: Adriaan de Jongh

Rating: Everyone

Price: $2.99(Google Play), $3.99(App Store)

When I first came upon Hidden Folks, I couldn’t help but immediately reminisce to my childhood about the hidden pictures feature of Highlights magazine. I used to get extremely excited as a child when the magazine came as I would immediately turn to the hidden pictures page and greet the challenge as my priority. It truly was a highlight (punfully intended) of my younger years until my parents cancelled the subscription. As I thought this action was cruel and unusual punishment at the time, it was simply a subtle way of telling me to “grow up.” Well now, I have the developer of Hidden Folks to thank for creating such an awesome app which caters to everyone.

Playing Hidden Folks

You will have to pay to play, and as you have probably guessed by my introduction, it is well worth the price of admission. I don’t honestly understand why there is a price difference between Google and Apple stores, but it’s the simple reality.

hidden folks reviewPlaying Hidden Folks is very straightforward. You can choose from a variety of maps to include the forest, drylands, city, snow, and factory. Each map or venue has various stages, and as with most games, it gets harder as you progress. The object is to find the people, animals, and/or objects within the map which are shown and listed at the bottom of the screen. Some maps will require you to find everyone and everything while other maps will necessitate the uncovering of only the majority of the list in order to advance or unlock the next map. Finding people, animals, or things will require some thought and attention because they will truly be hidden. You may have to shake trees, dig up holes, open doors, unzip tents, and perform various other actions to uncover the “hidden.” You will notice quirky sound effects as you tap the screen to complete these actions and a general hidden folks appbackground noise associated with the map theme which only adds to the exhilarating experience of playing this game. Whether you are seeking out a person, animal, or object, there will be pertinent clues in the associated description relating to their location in the map. These hints are very helpful especially for the larger maps.

You will find yourself staring at the screen until you feel cross-eyed, and then you may start to aimlessly tap the screen in hope of finding someone or something. At this point, I would recommend you take a break. Your progress will be saved and you can come back and continue at any time or even try another map if you need a change of scenery. You will notice some maps will be locked, but these become unlocked as you progress through the game.

The graphics resemble artwork which is very unique and offer a black and white themed illustrations. You can change the color theme under the settings menu if you so desire. It is a very casual game play experience. Other than that, I am going to stop here and encourage you pay up and get on this app. It’s fun for everyone.

The Game of Life – Classic Board Game App

game of life appDeveloper: Marmalade Game Studio

Rating: Everyone

Price: $2.99

The Game of Life Apple Download

The Game of Life App Apple Download

Another classic board game has made its way into the mobile gaming and app world, and I am genuinely happy about it. I can easily reminisce about playing “Life” in the board game form, but that’s not what we at ReviewThisApp are about. The Game of Life is now available for download to your phone and/or your tablet, and I would recommend multiple devices because if you remember the board game, you will understand it is does involve time.

Getting Started with Life

game of life mobile appThere is no real registration process involved, but you can login to Facebook if you wish to establish an identity. You will be given the choice to play locally (versus computer players) or online. You will then be prompted to select “Full Mode” or “Fast Mode” which is a shorter version that sets a random victory condition. Your character can be customized prior to getting started and of course you are dealing with the original peg-like people. A minimum of four players are required for game play at least if you are playing local mode so you the other three players will be computer generated. The game starts in traditional fashion whereas each player spins the wheel and the player who scores the highest goes first. When it’s your turn to start choose “Career” or “Graduate” and you will be presented with four random cards by which you can pick two, and then pick the preference of the two selections. Spin the wheel and your life adventure has begun.

game of lifeAs you move along the game board, you may receive your salary, buy a house, get an Action Card, have a baby, or play a Minigame. Some events like getting married have you collecting money from other players while other events have you competing against other players for money or even paying out money to opponents based on their life occurrences. The object is to collect the most money through life events as we all wish to do in real life. The game will do the score keeping for you, and you can fast forward through other players’ turns. You can even pause the game, and don’t worry, you progress will be randomly saved so you can continue games or even start a new game at any time.

Final Take

There so much more to describe in the game and the developer did a fantastic job with the graphics to arouse my nostalgia of playing the actual board game as a kid. If I go into every detail, you will become so bored with this article, I fear my long-winded descriptions will bore you into not even playing this app. I just wanted to give you a quick intro in an attempt lure you into playing this classic game which I came to enjoy but with today’s technology.

Knife Hit App Review


knife hit android appsDeveloper: Ketchapp

Rating:  Everyone

Price: Free. Remove ads for $2.99.

Knife Hit Apple Download

Knife Hit Apple App Download


Ketchapp strikes again with another addictive mobile app, Knife Hit. It is harder than it looks which makes it difficult to stop playing. Yes, it is challenging, but it is not like “brain teaser” hard where you just want to give up, but rather quite the opposite.

Game Play

knife hit on app storeThere aren’t many motor skills involved in actually playing Knife Hit, and it’s more of a timing thing. The object is to chop the circular tree section with a series of knives automatically allotted to you. You simply tap the screen to launch a knife to lodge it into the tree block until one of your knives splits it. Your impulse will be to finger swipe to throw the knife, but tapping is better and quicker as timing is crucial especially as you progress through stages. If you hit another knife or stake already in the tree section, it will be deflected and the stage will be over. However, don’t be discourage because it’s not a big deal to restart and I am betting you will be restarting a lot. It is desirable to knife the apples. Apples act as your currency for this app allowing you to upgrade you knife arsenal. You can also upgrade your knife inventory by beating “bosses.” Boss stages will appear at every five stages. I use the term “boss” lightly as they will appear as a cheese or tomato in lieu of tree section at least for the first ten stages. The object is the same for the bosses as it relates to the throwing knives. Knife to kill! Each stage is unique and the tree will rotate slow, fast, and in opposing directions to test your hand/eye coordination. It can be almost hypnotic at times.

Closing Thoughts

I can see why Knife Hit is a top trending app at this point and time. It is a positive mobile gaming experience for everyone. It is offered for both iOS and Android devices and is a free download to play. There are ads and if you wish to remove them, pay $2.99 for an ad free experience.


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