Adidas – Sports and Style App

adidas appsDeveloper: Adidas

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

 Among all the popular brands of attire especially as it relates to sports, Adidas is my favorite and first choice. I own many articles of clothing and sneakers of their product offerings. The Adidas – Sports and Style app has just made my life a little easier and perhaps, costlier. As you would assume, the app is rising in popularity among the apps Adidas offers.

adidas shoesThe app is simple in its format. The home page features offerings such as newly released apparel and other highlights such as their recently established sponsorship of the NHL for the 2017-18 season. You might even get a glimpse of the new Yeezy line. The real “meat and potatoes” of the app lies in the shopping. Tap the shoe icon, and you can shop for shoes, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Each category can be further refined for your particular interest or use the search option if you have some keywords in mind. There is an extensive list of shoe offerings, but probably not as expansive and diverse as other shopping apps for shoes or should I say “sneakers.” My bias is towards shoes, but I would encourage you to browse through the apparel and accessories. There is a nice presentation of hoodie offerings (also an apparel preference of mine). You adidas app downloadprobably won’t find a lot of draw dropping deals or discounts, but I imagine you will find something(s) you just can’t pass up, and items which will never make it to the store or outlet mall. You will be required to log in or register to purchase items and enable full access to the app. There are no pop-up or annoying ads as the Adidas brand pretty much sells itself.

In conclusion, if you are an Adidas aficionado like myself or a shopaholic, in general, you may find yourself spending a lot of time browsing the product selection as the variety is outstanding. Frankly, I am going to conclude this article at this point as I don’t feel it is necessitated to exhaust anymore effort to market for them without being on their payroll. Happy Shopping!

Artcard by BeCasso – A Postcard App

Artcard by BeCasso – More Than a Cute Name

Developer – Digital Masterpieces GmbH

Price – Free with in app purchases

Don’t get fooled by the app name Artcard. This is not a greeting card app or manufacturer like Felt Card, but rather an app which allows you to turn your personal photos into what looks like etchings that can be shared on social media and stored as other images. The best part is the ability to change an image into a post card format easily and quickly. Plus, they even mail it for you!

The app is simple to use and doesn’t even require a login (haven’t seen that before). Pick a picture from your photo library, or take a picture with your phone.  Next, you will be provided with the ability to choose a theme (currently there are more than enough themes to use) to automatically transform you picture into genuine artwork (see the examples picture to the left).  Save your picture for free and share as you please, but note the picture will have a small watermark on the bottom left advertising the app.  For a one-time $1.99 fee you can have the water mark permanently removed on all images.  The postcards are $1.99 each and include shipping.

Overall, the app is enjoyable and easy to use. Definitely download it and mess around with it for a little bit.  Those that enjoy and appreciate the arts will get much more use out of it, but most will find value in it for one or two pictures.  It is really a nice free app and the watermark is not obnoxious if you choose not to fork out $1.99.  Being in the digital age and a grown adult, I don’t typically purchase stamps and mailing a letter has become a difficult task for me. Additionally, if you are traveling it is a really nice cheap and easy way to send a postcard to family and friends.  The app allows you also to just send the picture without the artwork if you prefer an unmodified picture.

Stadium Goods– Collectible Sneakers Market Place

Developer – Stadium Goods

Price – Free (Shoe purchases up to $149.5K)

Stadium Goods – Your Sneaker Retailer

stadiuim goods locationStadium Goods doesn’t mess around. First thing you need to know about the collectible market is they aren’t shoes…they are sneakers. Shoes are what you wear to mow the lawn in. If you are looking for “shoes,” head to Foot Locker because Stadium Goods only showcases “sneakers” in all price ranges.  They showcase limited edition, high end sneakers mainly of the Adidas and Nike brands with a large focus on the iconic Air Jordan brand. While featuring these products, they also sell most other prominent brands including Reebok, Puma, Converse, and New Balance.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the terms collectible or high end.  As these options are definitely available for the big sneaker players, the average person will have plenty of options below $100.  There are even twenty-two Air Jordan styles available under fifty dollars. However, most of these are of the kids variety.

stadium goods promo codeStadium Goods – How it Works

The shopping experience is divided into seven categories “Nike”, “Jordan”, “Adidas”, “Deals”, “Footwear”, “Supreme”, “Apparel”, “Collectible” and “Trophy Case”. Within each category you are prompted to narrow your search by brand or line. After narrowing down the selection, you have the typical sort options buyers are accustom to (sort by price, newest, etc.).  You can also search for the exact item you are looking for to save time.  The Trophy case option is dedicated to the most sought after sneakers and those buyers with the wallet which can support the purchase.  These sneakers might even impress the likes of Kanye West and Spike Lee.  For myself and the other 99% of the population, we can buy shoes on a payment plan. For qualified buyers, they offer 3, 6, 9 and 12 month payment plans The interest rate varies between ten to thirty percent stadium goods mens(depending on your credit analysis) which is in the spectrum of most credit card companies.

Stadium Goods – Things to Know

rare pairStadium Goods only deals in new sneakers. So while you won’t find the original Air Jordan’s, they do offer replica retro versions of almost every popular past sneaker. Also, if you are “sitting” on a great pair of rare, unused sneakers, give them a shout as they do offer a consignment program. Stadium Goods provides a 100% authenticity guarantee.  Each sneaker goes under their 10 point verification system before even being listed.  They go one step further by reviewing any customer concerns about authenticity.  I got hooked on a pair of “low end” Jordan’s while doing my research, so I am happy with the experience.

Black Friday Ads 2017 – Best Deals App

best deals appDeveloper:

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free. In-app ads (Imagine that!)

Tis the season to be shopping, or at least, start thinking about it. Retailers are hyping Black Friday already, and the biggest and best deals are being advertised everywhere. As your app review specialist, I feel it is only fair to offer my two cents. In the app world, I have basically found the Black Friday promotion is simply an extension of existing shopping and couponing apps. Today, I will focus on Black Friday Ads 2017 developed by

black friday appThis app has some pretty nice features and in general, has a useful agenda. Make sure your GPS locator is enabled and start browsing for deals. The app prominently features the Black Friday tab at the top ribbon of the home screen which populates a current list of ads and sales from all of your favorite local and online retailers. Obviously, this app has a search option, but the unique feature I feel I must highlight is the scanning feature. You have the ability to scan a bar code or QR code right there in the store to find the best deals even if the particular item is located in another store. I am sure retailers don’t like this too much, but it only helps out us as the consumer in the long run.

shopping appWhether you like the rush of battling the crowds, or you are more comfortable with the online order process, this shopping app will provide you with the best deals around. I opt to let my wife handle the shopping so she now has this app on her phone now too. I showed her this app at dinner the other night, her eyes lit up, and she downloaded it immediately. If she can navigate this app successfully, it’s a no brainer. I say this in jest as she is very picky about her apps (for some reason).

As time and money are very important to the average consumer, shopping apps like this are great resources. Take the time to do your “homework,” and you will find great deals. Download this shopping app and get head start of the retail frenzy known as Black Friday.


Developer: Tripcommon, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download, contains ads.


For anybody who has searched for this app thinking it might help with an ex-wife or crazy boyfriend, you are out of luck, and you should rethink your intentions. Hitlist is a travel app similar to Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz, and only deals with flight reservations. Booking flights these days is relatively easy and cheap (if you are ahead of the game) and having an app which really narrows down your search and price range, is extremely beneficial to one’s time.

What this app offers…

Hitlist gets right to the point when initially opening. Tap “Get Started” to start exploring or you can sign in and register. The app will use your GPS to find the closest airport to you or manually select your preference. The app opens with the “Explore” page listing suggested trips, last minute getaways, most popular, weekend and tropical getaways, and features unique categories such as James Bond film locations, spicy food spots, best for photography, and more. If any of these don’t appeal to you, press the “search” option, and type in your destination. Upon finding and selecting your destination, the next screen populates all the available flights from the major airlines, and furthermore, you can filter your search based on your preference of airline and number of stops. The app rates the prices of the flights from “SPECTACULAR” to just “AVERAGE.” I like options, and this app really brings it home. Another slick feature is the “My Hitlist” page. This is just another option to assist you in planning a trip. You can set the dates you want to depart and return on and of course, the destination. If no flights are currently offered, add to your hitlist and you will receive a notification when available.

This app can be used for both business and pleasure. I really enjoy the simplicity of its layout and the ability to search freely. The app inherently generates other places of interest you may want to visit and explore. It is very unique in this aspect so add these destinations to your hitlist as you go. Not only is this app receiving great PR from this fantastic review, but it has also been recognized by entities like the New Your Times and TIME magazine. Download Hitlist and tell your friends and family…only those who you want to travel with, I might add.

Meal Delivery App + Cookbook = Blue Apron App

Blue Arpon ReviewDeveloper: Blue Apron

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download. Meals plans are at cost.

If you haven’t seen the Blue Apron commercial(s) on TV, then you may not know what I speak of aside from reading the title of this article. My exposure to Blue Apron resulted from of a meal plan subscription for about year. My wife and I have been considering getting back on a plan for dietary reasons so I have decided first to make it part of my app collection and am happy to report on it. Let’s start by thinking of the Blue Apron app as meals on wheels.

Blue Apron PlansBlue Apron offers a plethora of free recipes just by registering your email and creating a password and is similar to the layout of the cookbook app, Tasty, excluding the ads and including a meal delivery feature which I will eventually elaborate on further.  I will forewarn you by simply browsing recipes, you will start to salivate. Kudos to the developer. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen with subtitle “recipes.” There you will find three categories under the browse menu: season, main ingredient, and cuisine. For clarification purposes the season category does not refer to a spice or seasoning but rather winter, spring, summer, or fall. The main ingredient category is subcategorized into wide range of proteins and vegetarian options to choose from. Lastly, the cuisine category is separated by ethnicity from all over the globe. The options seem endless. Weekly dishes and meals are also presented to you as your home screen as the “on the menu” icon also located at the bottom of the screen. If find a recipe you want to try to prepare yourself, just tap the delectable picture. Your meal selection will then be displayed showing an estimated cook time, calories per serving, and the yield (how many people it serves). As you scroll down the same screen, you will be given a brief description of the meal, a list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions (which are imperative when I attempt to cook), and even tips and tricks.

Blue Apron Free TrialIf you fail at cooking like myself, you can have the meal delivered to your front door. I will be honest…my wife is a great cook, she tries new recipes, but there are easily a couple times a week where we are both mentally spent from the daily grind, and we completely forget about dinner. Instead of spending an easy $50 or more going out to eat, Blue Apron is at your service. We have a family of four so for those times of the week where we are ill-prepared for dinner, the app offers a healthy, meal plan for you and yours and at a reasonable price. All the ingredients are sent to your household and are ready for prep. You will not have to worry about the one item you forgot to get at the grocery store, and we all have been in that predicament. Feel free to add a meal plan under the “account settings” option which accessed by tapping the account icon at the bottom of the screen. Discover an affordable meal plan and you will have peace of mind.

This app is not only a very useful app from a convenience factor standpoint, but you can trust the meals are made of fresh ingredients and offer nutritional value. If I had to knock Blue Apron for anything, in particular, I would say the portion sizes are slight compared to my normal caloric intake. In reality, portion control is good thing and is probably intentional on behalf of the Blue Apron chefs. My scale will thank me later.

WISH – An “Outlet” Shopping App

Wish - Shopping App ReviewDeveloper: Wish Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Wish – Shopping App Intro

The age of shopping and outlet malls may be on the decline, but app technology has risen to our cause with advent of the smartphone. Today, the shopping app I have chosen to review is aptly named “Wish-Don’t OverPay.” This may be one of the best shopping apps I have researched lately as the discounts offered are extraordinary. The discounts offered typically range from 40-90% off. I know! I couldn’t believe it either!

Wish Shopping Made FunAbout Wish

I will go out on a limb and just say, “Install this app.” Upon opening the app you are entitled to a free gift. Who doesn’t love free? There isn’t much more in this world that is free which is why you will be charged for shipping for your free gift, but it’s only $1. This may be the only downfall of this app I have encountered to date. The app offers your typical online shopping like “browse” and “search” functions if you have something particular in mind. You can also refine your search by indicating the size, color, and the review rating of a particular item. In general, the shopping is organized into categories: Wallets & Bags, Gadgets, Phone Upgrades, Fashion, Shoes, Tops, Bottoms, Underwear, Watches, Accessories, Hobbies, and Home Décor. There is also a category in the shopping ribbon for “outlet” items with pricing discounted up to 97%. That is SICK! And the deals don’t stop. A deal dash function along the ribbon lets you spin the wheel of deals. Basically, this feature permits you to shop an inventory of predetermined goods, but you have only a certain time (like ten minutes) to do so and are only allowed to utilize the option once daily.

Have you ever had an app that wants to get to know you? Well, the app gets personal too by presenting a “Made for You” category which populates a personalized page with shirts, coffee mugs, and bags based on your gender, name, and location. These demographics are initially requested when downloading this app.

Once you feel you have had enough of saving your hard earned cash, simply check out using the standard “cart” feature, and don’t forget to check out your “Recently Viewed” items to make sure there aren’t items queued in this category.

Wish Shopping App In closing…

Even if you are not the shopping type, and you are already paid your $99 for your annual Amazon Prime membership, myself included, it offers a wide variety products at ridiculously low prices. Don’t confuse this app with Groupon, either, as it does not offer discounts for restaurants, activities, entertainment, and travel services.


You might also be asking yourself, “Is this legit?” The answer is yes. There are plenty of name brand items like Beats headphones, Asics shoes, and Burberry cologne to name a few. You will also receive plenty of notifications on special and limited offers. Some of these offers are almost too cheap to believe which is probably why this app has so much popularity.

Most people like to save money whether it is extreme couponing or simply looking for the best discounts. So as the average consumer like myself, download this to your Iphone, Android, and/or tablet and make this one of your favorite shopping apps.



CARTWHEEL – Extreme Couponing At Its Best

 Extreme Couponing My Cartwheel App Story

Target, one of America’s top retailers, has introduced a new discount and coupon app, “Cartwheel App.” I recently came upon this coupon app while in a local Target store where the most of the staff was sporting t-shirts printed with “Ask me about Cartwheel App.” Not knowing what this meant and assumed it was a ploy for my wife to spend more money in this establishment, I initially ignored the command. Shortly thereafter and while standing in line, I noticed the cashier scanning the phone of random customers.  My curiosity set in immediately. I quickly interrogated the customer in front of us, and she explained to me that it was a discount app for Target (this app only works with Target not other place like TellANF) so I immediately downloaded the app to my Android, and my wife downloaded the app to her iPhone almost simultaneously. However, it was too late at that point to redeem coupons, but the app does let you accrue reward points at the completion of checkout by tapping the Checkout, shopping cart icon. Once you reach the 5000 point threshold, you will receive free “stuff” according to the cashier. You receive 10 points for every dollar spent so I will start reaping the rewards of this app once I spend $500. Let me rephrase that… “once my wife spends $500.” The Checkout icon also lists available coupons at the bottom of the screen with some great deals. For example, you can get one free Xbox game with the purchase of an Xbox ONE S Console. This great deal better be offered around Christmas time!

Cartwheel App ReviewCartwheel App Features

Oh, and this app offers more… a lot more. The home screen has an extensive list of exclusive coupon offers for various products. Can anyone say “EXTREME COUPONING?!” The search engine on this app is state of the art as well. It offers voice recognition software and a barcode scanner to determine if any discounts or coupons apply to products around the store while shopping. I strongly discourage this practice, but I also love my wife. This app offers great savings instantaneously, and if you are into extreme couponing, this app is only an added bonus. It will keep track of the offers and coupons via list aptly named My List pictured with a currency icon.  The personalization of this app doesn’t stop there. There is also a Me icon pictured with a silhouette which shows your history at Target (don’t really wanna know that), your offers redeemed. Under this same icon, one can change personalized settings such as your Target store of choice, notifications, and the app offers a typical help menu with frequently asked questions and so on. Even if you are not a fan of Target because you can’t leave there without spending $75, I highly recommend downloading the Cartwheel app to your Android smartphone or Iphone, and the fun doesn’t stop here.

Don’t Forget ABout the redcard

In addition to all the instant saving and discounts this coupon app offers, you can earn an additional 5% discount off of your entire purchase by using the Target REDcard. You simply apply for the card which is tied to your bank account and swipe the REDcard in lieu of your debit card. Learn more about the REDcard at

Cartwheel App Closing Arguments

In closing, whether you are into extreme couponing, just looking for instant coupons and discounts, or a combination thereof, this is a very useful app and a “must” download.  Like sports apps, there are abundance of shopping apps, but if you are going to give one that will save you money, this one is it.

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