Best Recipe Apps for Your Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker

Whether you are craving a succulent, fast meal or a delicious dish cooked over time while you are away or at work, we have found a couple of cooker apps to help your cause. Of course, you must own a pressure cooker and/or a crock pot (slow cooker) to even attempt these recipes, so either buck up and purchase these cookers or orchestrate an elaborate borrowing scheme like friends or co-workers who borrow something from you and then don’t offer to return the item(s) until you ask, or they conveniently forget to return the loaned goods. Anyway, read further below for our suggestions for simple cooking apps which will add to your culinary prowess.


best instant pot recipesInstant Pot Recipes

Developer: Free Recipes Apps

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


If you are looking for the best instant pot recipes for your best pressure cooker apppressure cooker, give this app a go. After a quick download process, you will be greeted with a home screen picturing all the pressure cooker recipes offered. I must warn you as the illustrations will provide for immediate hunger. I would be alarmed if you don’t find something to your liking so when you do, tap the picture and the next screen contains all the details from cooking time, number of servings, ingredients, and other necessary supplemental instructions. The recipe screen also incorporates a slow motion camera effect of the dish which is alluring in itself. Feel free to share a recipe with friends and family or add to your favorites and save for a later date.

This app does contain ads which is to be expected for a free cooking app. Look forward to more recipes from the app in future releases. This is only version 1.0 so more tasty and instant pot recipes are on the horizon.


best slow cooker recipesYummy Slow Cooker Recipes

Developer: Creative Apps, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Slow cooker or crock pot recipes are more up my alley which is why this app comes with a sincere recommendation. This app offers approximately 500 slow cooker recipes which are categorized by dish type or ethnicity which you will immediately notice when opening the app. Dishes and meals range from chili, casseroles, sides, desserts, Italian, Mexican, soups, sauces, and more. I am confident you will find an appealing recipe and probably more than one. Realize most of these mealtimes are much longer than that of a pressure cooker.  Prepare the recipe as detailed in the ingredients and directions and allow patience for yourself and let the crock pot do the work. I must also mention the shopping list feature this app offers. You can simply tap the grocery cart icon when viewing a list of ingredients to add to your shopping list. I can’t count how many times I have made multiple trips to the grocery store for the prep of one meal which is probably why I am not allowed to perform grocery shopping in general.

Not only will your house be filled with fragrant aromas of the particular recipe, but slow cooked dishes are commonly more flavorful. Your patience will be rewarded with the help of this app’s recipes. Remove the ads and unlock additional recipes by purchasing the pro version for $1.99. You won’t regret it.

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Golden Volunteer Opportunities – Giving Back Made Easy

Developer – 1 Inc.

Price – Free or Volunteers, Refer to their site for organization payments as payment may be free.

We recently featured an app that helps those users in need (SPA Suicide Prevention App). Following the helping theme, today we decided to feature an app that allows users to help others in need. Golden Volunteer Opportunities is the online yellow pages for volunteer services.  The app requires the typical email and username credentials for creating an account and requires your zip code to sort listings by “closest to you”.  Like most of us, myself included, we associate volunteering to a small window of activities like working at a soup kitchen or adopting a highway.  We are probably less likely to volunteer if our idea of opportunities doesn’t meet our own skill set or your interests. We believe in order to provide the best service and to encourage retention, a volunteer really needs to enjoy the work and find it rewarding. This is where Golden Volunteer Opportunities comes in.  Set your search parameters for when you are available, travel distance, and type of activates you enjoy and the app does the rest by populating opportunities for you to give back.

Like all great apps, it is easy to use, quick to log in, free (for volunteers and many organizations) and direct to the point. The privacy policy is standard as they don’t sell or trade any information you provide.  All information provided is used to help provide you and the app the best services possible.  They will use your email for mailings but do offer an easy opt out.  There complete privacy policy can be found here.

If you have an organization that you do enjoy working with and they aren’t on the app, use the “treasure hunt” feature to contact Golden Volunteer Opportunities to recommend your favorite organization. They will schedule a short phone call to gather information and get your organization on the Golden Volunteer Opportunities app.

I entered all of information and was disappointed to find out there were no opportunities in my area. I used this notice as motivation to utilize the “treasure hunt” feature and recommend organizations that could benefit from Golden Volunteer Opportunities services.  I believe recommending organizations has the potential of providing more help to my community then I can do by myself volunteering.  I will continue to check the app periodically and will take it the upon myself to promote the service as much as possible as I truly believe we live in a period of history where people want to do good and share as much as practical and just finding those opportunities to give back is sometimes the hardest part.

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World Cup 2018 App

fifa world cup appDeveloper: Tupple Apps

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


With one of the biggest sporting events on the horizon (and no, I am not referring to the Winter Olympics), I am getting amped for the World Cup in Russia this year. The United States has choked themselves out of this year’s groupings, but that only takes away some of the excitement I would typically expect or suffering I would endure if they did qualify. All of the world’s best players isolate themselves from their ever so profitable club teams to play for their native countries. Who will be the Cinderella story this year? Will the likes of the typical favorites Brazil or Germany prevail? Who knows and this is what makes the anticipation so exciting. With this being said, I have been perusing some apps in advance of this historical event looking for the best World Cup app and have scored World Cup 2018. There are several apps with this same name so pay attention to the developer referenced above to download the correct app (as I see it).

best world cup appThis app has all I need and then some aside from the ad ribbon at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you select your appropriate time zone by clicking on the globe/clock icon. All of the matches are already listed in the order to be played so scout out some of your favorite teams or even find some early round rivalries. The Portugal vs Spain matchup seems like it’s going to be well contested match taking place in the first couple days of the tournament. Beyond the home screen, tap the soccer ball button (or menu, in this case) and you can select from more listings such as Groups, Teams, Favorites, Stadiums, and News. I found the Stadium feature to be very unique with this app’s offering. You can check out all the venues and there is all sorts of interesting information provided about the site to include capacity, matches being held there, and particular information about the city the stadium resides in.

fifa appsFor an event which only occurs once every four years, I encourage all fans to start getting pumped for what’s going to go down starting in mid-June in Russia. I can say after I downloaded this app and read a couple of features news articles, my enthusiasm has already risen.

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iCan – New Year’s Resolution App

resolution tracker appDeveloper: Trending Town

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Happy New Year to our readers out there! We at Review This App wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2018. When I say healthy, I think most of us can relate to the excessive eating and other forms of indulging we partook in starting with Thanksgiving. Now, as the New Year falls upon us, most are asking themselves or each other, “What is my (or your) New Year’s resolution?” Nobody is perfect so there is always something we can work on or an area of improvement. The most common resolutions are to lose weight and save money is some fashion.  However, the iCan app offers more (if you are already skinny and rich).

iCan is a very straightforward app with fantastic suggestions and objectives for all sorts of resolution ideas. It functions similar to a journal app or daily habit tracking app whereas you can select the resolution(s) of your choice and set the month (duration) of the goal and percentage complete. You have to be honest with yourself, or you will only be cheating yourself. I sincerely feel the biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is the fact individuals go too hard and too fast towards his/her goal(s) such that it becomes unmanageable, thus, causing lack of motivation. I am a big fan of the “baby steps” theory where gradual progression is more realistic.

new year appWhat’s nice about this app’s offerings are its listing of ideas you can implement to work towards a bigger goal. For example, let’s take the easy play and say “Get in Shape” or “Lose Weight” is one of our New Year’s resolution. There are multiple ways to get in shape by which this app helps expand on this particular goal. You can track daily walks, log food intake, or find ways to reduce stress all of which are healthy objectives. Here again, you don’t have to perform all these tasks to feel a sense of accomplishment and remain motivated. Slow and steady wins the race. The app also recommends other goals which you may not think of or aren’t typical like “Become more romantic.” <<Insert wife’s laughter.>> The fun doesn’t stop there as “Quit Farting So Much” is also an option. Tracking daily flatulence is something I have no interest in.  Anyway, if you ever want to remove or cancel a resolution, tap the resolution, and best new years resolution appthen press the “Yes” button and this will toggle it to “off.” And if you start to lose motivation you can add your own resolution or read some inspirational quotes by tapping the icons at the bottom of the home screen.

If you are an Android user, you are in luck, and you can add iCan to your arsenal of apps. It’s worth a download even just to peruse and look for random ideas which you don’t necessary have to qualify as a resolution. Almost all of the ideas are for the good of you and even others you surround yourself with. Start 2018 off right!

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Best Apps of 2017

This is our last post before 2018, so we thought it was a good time to do a quick 2017 app round up. Our team reviews anywhere from 15 to 30 apps and mobile games per day before agreeing on the daily featured app or game.  In 2017 we have seen a lot, and these are our editors favorites based on categories.  Click on the picture or app name to see our full review.  Remember, for those new to Review This App. We don’t have any affiliates or sponsors from developers so you know our opinions are unbiased and based on our actual experience with the app.

Best Workout and Dieting Apps

Runtastic’s Balanced Food Tracker and Calorie Counter – This app does more than just count calories it helps with your dietary goals and keeps a daily journal of your diet.


Best Puzzle Game

The Guides Axiom – The Guides Axiom is a unique puzzle game that has a high level of difficulty. The puzzles and codes vary and require knowledge from the previous puzzles in the game.

Block Puzzle AR – There were so many great puzzle games this year we couldn’t get it down to one and with The Guides Axiom being so unique we chose Block Puzzle AR as our second best puzzle game. It is a very conventional puzzle game and basically combined Tetris with Jenga to create a challenging but very addicting puzzle game.


Best New Community App

Captioned, Say Show Share – Captioned allows user to create and share their own videos and pictures. We found some really great content and the app is awesome if you are just looking to burn some time with low stress fun material to watch.


Best Shopping App


Hitlist – Hitlist is strictly dedicated to finding you cheap airline tickets. It has many categories to choose from and even has last minute getaway deals.

Stadium Goods – I had to throw Stadium Goods a shout out as I have used it more than any other shopping app we have reviewed for the sole reason I became a sneaker head after reviewing the app. They deal with only dead stock sneakers and have just about everything at a reasonable price.


Best Game

Into The Dead 2 – We reviewed a lot of great games this year, but gave the nod to Into the Dead 2. They took Into the Dead One’s addictive style and added a storyline, a lot more weapons and many different levels.


Best App You Really Don’t Need But Love to Use

best app for hacksLife Hacks – Life hacks are fun, simple little tips and tricks that aren’t needed but help you with everyday tasks. Checkout the app for a few minutes and you are bound to find some new little tip that gets you to say “Huh? Never knew that before”.


We didn’t posts an app or game that we really didn’t like or enjoy, so take some time and to checkout our other reviews. We also want to thank all of our readers and especially those who provide feedback or email requests.  Have a Happy and Healthy 2018!

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SPA – Suicide Prevention App

suicide prevention appDeveloper: ISD Innovations, Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

Let me introduce this article by first stating that I am not an expert or educated in this field, and honestly, it is an unfortunate topic to even fathom, but it’s real. The whole point of this article and app is prevention and awareness so I feel it is my civic duty to at least address it where I am expert, reviewing apps. With this being said, I give you SPA – Suicide Prevention App.

What the App Offers

best suicide prevention appLuckily, the app format is not complicated for such a complicated matter. You must agree to the “User Agreement” to utilize it by just tapping the check box, and this will wrap up the registration process. It is anonymous. The home screen lists four categories: Information, Assess, Safety Plan, and Resources. The Information category gives an overview of the app, offers assessment recommendations, lays out step for safety planning, and helps identify the signs. The Assess feature actually helps you help someone else by listing questions to ask. The Safety Plan is a step-by-step guide to assist one in identifying things or triggers both good and bad. Finally, the Resource category lists phone numbers, hotlines, texting, online resources, and local mental health services and emergency rooms. The app also offers additional, external resources which is listed under the menu screen. These are basically sponsors and simply click on the icon and you will be redirected online to learn more. You may also notice a “Donate Here” button at the bottom of the same screen. This will also redirect you online where you can support the cause with a small donation via Amazon, PayPal, or Google.

Final Note

Suicide does not discriminate. It is saddening to think this is something which exists all over the world and even daily, however, it is important to address. Once you acknowledge a problem, you can find ways to solve it. In this case, you hope to not have to deal with suicide prevention, but in an instance you may be the person to assist someone else or you even are the person, this app is just another resource for the cause. Who would think an app may be a lifesaver?

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Memrise – Half off Special

Memrise: Language Learning

Developer – Memrise

Price – Free for Basic Learning, Pro Version is $8.99 per month, $18.99 for three months, $59.99 for a year and $179.99

Memrise – Why Now?

With the New Year fast approaching, we all will have New Year resolutions that most likely will fail at some point (usually February for me). Regardless of the how long they last, they make us skinner, healthier, and generally better people for at least a short period of time.  We have nailed health apps which is usually the number one New Year’s resolution, so I chose to write about a huge app this year that gets minimal exposure, but would be great to assist in a difficult but useful New Year’s resolution, learning a new language.  I chose to learn Spanish, not because of travelling, or because I have Spanish relatives, but rather to show my support to the largest immigrant population in the United States.

Memrise – What it does and Who is it for?

Memrise is an easy to use, learn at your own pace, mobile language teaching tool. The app can teach different languages in many native languages including American Sign Language (this review and stats stated is based on learning in English only).  I reviewed the available language options and was amazed to see about very language available, including many Native American languages.  Even ancient Greek is available. The full list of languages can be found here.  The basic version of the app teaches you basic words and popular phases and uses repetition to reinforce the new found knowledge.  It basically teaches you a few words and quizzes you in both written and video format.  The app allows you to utilize your camera to identify different objects and their terminology in your target language.  Like a lot of new apps, they try to create a community where you can follow and challenge your friends or even add courses to the app.

Memrise Pro Version

The free features are fun and easy to use, but if you are serious about learning a language, you really need to buy the Pro Version. The pricing is reasonable and is listed above.  Order now and take 50 percent off of the pricing above.  The pro version has many features including an offline feature for the dreaded no WIFI plane or some crazy mountain hike that I haven’t done.  The best feature of the pro version is the chat bots where you can actually practice speaking in sentences with bots.  I have signed up for one month to see how much I learn.

What to Expect From Memrise and Our Recommendation

Expect to have fun with the free basic version and learn enough to entertain your friends but don’t expect much more. The pro version definitely has the potential to really teach you a new language, but as in everything, expect to get out what you put in.  The price point (especially now with the discount) is low enough you can give it a try and are only out a few bucks if it isn’t for you, or you decide English is enough for right now.  I would recommend at a minimum the free version for any one studying a language in high school or college as it is a fun and easy to use tool that will always be with if you find a few minutes to study.  The app has 16 million downloads, so it is by no means a new player in the app world.



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Think! Think! – A Learning App for Kids

best learning appDeveloper: Hanamaru Lab

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


In our world of smart devices, we often find ourselves staring down in the direction of our hands, hopefully, while not driving or even at work. Anyhow, we have to lump our children into that same population nowadays. Granted, while letting my son play games on my phone during dinner night out certainly keeps his attention, however, these are usually games conducive to an adult level of intelligence. I shall now segue into my recent discovery of the Think! Think! app. This is a great app for kids and is a learning app at the same time. BONUS!

best app for kidsThink! Think! is only available for Google Play users so we will just put that out there for starters. The best part of this app is the free price tag and no ads. Can you believe that?! I figure it’s probably so the kids don’t click on an ad and buy something inadvertently. Smart design by Hanamaru Lab, I assume. Anyway, after you download the app, the basic registration process simply consists of creating a username. No password or email is necessitated. There are a variety of games and challenges to conquer, and you will unlock more as you level up. Basically, you are dealing with puzzles, mazes, and other skilled games which put your brain power to use. I must admit I have actually been partaking in these games.  Even though the challenges are kid friendly, each stage game is best apps for kidstimed so quick, accurate thinking will only help the cause and creates some intensity for the challenge. You can pause the game at any time, ask for a hint, and even skip the board during the stage if you are simply stumped or have a brain fart. At the conclusion, you will be ranked and graded by which these points are accrued to enable you to level up.

In summation, there are many learning apps and apps for kids offered out there, but this app has definitely caught by eye and in my opinion, would fall into the one of the best apps for kids category. Some may feel it isn’t appropriate to encourage children to stare at a phone or tablet and play games, but at least Think! Think! offers the benefits of learning.

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Earn Extra Income – The Work From Home App

money making apps for androidDeveloper:

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


With the advent of the high speed internet, VPN, and other remote desktop software, working from home or remote from the office is very easy to accomplish these days whether you own a small business or website, and if you are looking for another source of income while sitting in your home office, the Earn Extra Income app may be your answer. We have all seen the signs stapled to telephone poles stating “Make $3000/mo Working From Home.”  Most of these are too good to be true and involve a get rich scheme of sorts. On the contrary, this app offers legitimate programs and sponsored websites to supplement your income.

How the App Works

apps to make moneyThe app is relatively straightforward to operate for those apps falling into the finance app category. There is no registration required for using the app, but I can guarantee you there will be for the programs offered and even a screening process is necessitated for some gigs which screams legit to me. The home page conveniently lists all the programs and websites offered. Currently, there are sixteen “sponsors” listed on the app. You can make money in a variety of ways, some more complex than others. In short, you are being paid for your services which range from freelance writing, designing t-shirts, tutoring, delivering groceries, hosting a meal, and more.

When clicking on a featured program or website, read the brief description and you will quickly understand what responsibilities and tasks are involved. Scroll down further of the selected money making appsscreen and the app offers useful parameters to help in your decision making process. These include “Availability” which identifies the geographical restrictions, if any. Most are offered worldwide. The “Mode of Payment” is/are listed. The other factors include “Ease of Use,” “Earning Potential,” and “Fun Factor” by which these are measured on a scale of one to five stars with five being the best or highest rating.  Better yet, the app offers advice with a “How to do it right” which is a very nice feature no matter how good you think you are. Consider it constructive criticism. And to cap it all off, you will notice a list of similar sites or programs listed at the bottom of the screen, if applicable. It is my job to mention there are some ad screens which pop up as you toggle back and forth between the home page and the featured site, but they are easily skipped so don’t let these stop you from utilizing this app.

Decision Time?

Find something to your liking and make some money while doing so. There many people who hate their jobs so if you discover a way to make some extra cash and you actually enjoy doing it, advantage you. Download this app and get your “side hustle” on.

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Life Hacks – Hack Your Life

best app for hacksDeveloper: Crearo

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

A hack by definition when used as a noun (informally) is a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something. I will always welcome a nice hack or workaround, but that requires me to think too much and by the time I think of it, I could have performed the task already. Well, this may not be an issue for me anymore at times thanks to the Life Hacks app.

life hacks appThe Life Hacks app is very simple to use and is very informative. There are currently over 2,500 hacks posted with an average of a 100 hacks added on a weekly basis. Sign in or register with a current Google account or just skip this part if so desired. You will then be greeted by a home page listing and picturing all of the hacks posted. I would encourage you to browse at your leisure, and I bet you will become amazed at some the hacks. Some just make sense, some are head scratchers, and some leave you saying “I had no idea!” For example, did you know the lines on a red solo cup are measurement marks? Check it out.

If you are searching for a particular hack, they are sorted in categories which include Everyday Tips, Food, Funny, General, Health, Life Tips, Money Savers, Relationship, Study, Technology, and Tipsy. Tipsy might be my favorite as these hacks utilize alcoholic beverages which are prevalent in my residence. I am confident you will find something to your liking and when you do, you have the option to add it to your favorites, download it, and/or share with others. If you have a hack or hacks of your own, you can submit it on the app itself under the menu where all of the categories are listed. Don’t be afraid to share a hack as we all could benefit from useful information. Think of it as good karma.

best app for daily hacksIn my opinion, this is the best app for daily hacks. You will receive notifications of new hacks too. Unfortunately, it is only available on the Google Play store and it does contain ads, but they aren’t in your face and are merely in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. I know this is a bold statement, but hacks can be life changing, and you will see what I am talking about when you download the app so make it a priority. Happy Hacking!

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