Get $20 Free Game Play At Dave & Busters

Dave & Busters Free Game Play?

Dave & Buster’s, a long time favorite for both families and adults looking to relax, play games, have a few drinks (lots if you call Uber), and enjoy great bar style food now was a mobile app that packs convenience and savings into an easy to use user interface. Download the app and register with simply your phone number and start skipping the lines and saving money.

The best part of the app is 20 dollar match coupon available for first time users instantly when you download the app and register. Yes, that is correct download the app, register and purchase a 20 dollar game card and get 40 dollars in play.  Plus, on Wednesdays all games are half price, so we just took 20 dollars and got 80 dollars of game play.

The app isn’t just about the free money, the power cards menu will quickly display live to the minute accounts of your tickets and chips. You can even recharge a card without waiting in lines or using the kiosks.  For those of you who routinely lose your wallet, the app will allow customer service to print you a new card for the typical 3 dollar card fee and your tickets and token balances will transfer.  While on the road, don’t worry about Googling (Dave & Buster’s Near Me), just open the locations menu for all of their current locations.  The help menu will answer frequently asked questions for you and while the account menu allows you to change user settings, profiles and add credit or debit cards for the quick recharging option to add money to your card.  Rounding out the menus is the offers menu where from time to time you will be surprised with great coupons.

While the huge draw to the Dave & Buster’s app is the 20 dollar free game play, the app offers plenty of other features so this is one to keep and not just download for the free money and uninstall to make space for your fourth fantasy football app. The offers will pop up saving you money while the quick recharge option saves you time especially on the crowded Friday and Saturday nights.  Check bad with Review This App as all this month’s articles are about finding you great deals and free give away.          `

Chemistry App – Get Educated

best chemistry appDeveloper: David Simak

Rating: Everyone

Price: $.99 (this can be paid for with any major credit card including the QuicksilverOne credit card)


To most of our audience, an app about Chemistry, doesn’t scream “Download me!” However, it is important we cater to all audiences and personally, I actually enjoyed Chemistry both in high school and college. Believe it or not, I actually made aspirin in a lab session. Would I have ingested it? Heck no!

chemistry app free downloadAnyway, let me get back to writing this review. There are many other chemistry apps out there, but what I genuinely like about this app is the basic format. Chemistry is complex by nature so an app about it should be easy to use. The app contains chemical elements, compounds, and of course, the periodic table which should be plastered on a wall in banner form in any Chemistry classroom. The home screen greets you with three selection tabs: elements, compounds, and formulas. The elements tab lists the elements in numerical order as they appear on the periodic table. You can search for a particular element or scroll down and tap an element, and you will pretty much find out about everything you need to know about the element such as the symbol, proton number, atomic weight, phase, oxidation states, whether it is radioactive, etc. If you select the compound tab by which another list will be chemistry app for high school studentspopulated with a search option. Find a particular compound, and you will see it’s characteristics along with a nice illustration of the molecular structure. The formulas tab contains often used equations like concentration, molar volume, mixing equation, ideal gas law, and so on. And finally, it you want to reference the periodic table, tap the atom or atomic icon, and the table will be displayed in its entirety. Similar to the elements tab, you can simply press on an element to list its characteristics.

I understand most of us would rather be playing or using another app, but just messing around with this app may actually help you understand the subject matter a little better. I do not condone using this app on your chemistry mid-terms or finals as I assume the teacher would frown upon assistance from an app. If I had to be critical about anything in particular with this app, I would say it could be supplemented with more formulas and even content pertaining to general terms and definitions. And if Chemistry isn’t your thing, check out other educational apps offered by the developer.

Rave App Gets “Rave” Reviews!

rave mobile appDeveloper: Rave Inc

Rating: Teen

Price: Free

One of the nicest ways to enjoy TV or movies at home is via inviting a friend. But if your friend can’t come or you find it easier to talk and chat, Rave offers you a way to do that and enjoy the experience as you see fit.

rave mobileYou can use Rave to binge Netflix with friends and exchange some impressions and ideas the way you want. Moreover, you can also watch videos and listen to music with people from all over the world.

The app also has support from Vimeo, Viki, Reddit and a huge range of other platforms too. The nice thing that a lot of people don’t know about Rave is that you can upload videos to Google Drive or Dropbox. This way you can have global movie nice and watch stuff with others whenever you want.

Rave also has a nice feature because it can help sync your phones and create an instant speaker system. You will listen the exact thing that others do, and that on its own is really great. Apparently, Rave also has VR support, but that’s still being worked on, so you may want to take that into consideration.

The app also allows you to create music mashups if you want. That’s a nice opportunity, and one that’s bound to bring in front quite a lot of value and appreciation because of that reason alone. A lot of people like platforms like this because they encourage communication, and they are just a lot of fun to use.

rave video appRave is no exception, it makes it easy for you to connect with friends and watch everything in any way you want. The overall results are great and the value as a whole is extremely special. That’s maybe the coolest thing about this app, the fact that you can connect with others and comment on what you are watching.

Rave contains ads, but there are no in-app purchases which is nice. They did a very good job with the interface too, although they could add support for Hulu and some other platforms. But it’s still a really good app the way it is, and people do end up downloading it to enjoy some quality time with friends.

Should you use Rave? I enjoyed my time with the app, and overall, it did a very good job at bringing in a cool experience and lots of fun. It’s a great concept, and the app brings it perfectly to the table. Overall, you should consider giving it a try, so do that right away!

Zen App Review: Coloring Book for Adults

coloring book appDeveloper: JH Digital Solutions

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free, in-app purchases

You want a casual and relaxing app that makes you feel like an artist on a cloud? Discover Zen: Color Book for Adults. Hence the name, it is indeed an app which may exhibit a calming effect on you, believe it or not. It is an app which involves methodic patience and is not a race, but almost rather a form of meditation, if you will.

One thing I really struggled with in pre-school and kindergarten is neatness, and specifically, staying in the lines when coloring. Ultimately, it involves patience and diligence, but I was obviously young and immature. This is where Zen has captured the perfect audience as adults. This app offers plenty of styles and categories of artwork to color. I use the term color loosely as you are really just electronically filling spaces in so it easy to stay in the lines and create some spectacular masterpieces. Love it!

zen coloring book for adults downloadThe app performs a great tutorial to get you started too. Basically, there are two forms of inputting colors either via pencil or paint (bucket). The pencil will help with the smaller, finer areas and trust me, there are plenty of these. The paint feature will allow you to fill in entire areas quickly. The active color will be displayed on your left along with the pencil shading indicator which can be adjusted by sliding the bar indicator right (darker) or left (lighter). On this same side of the screen you will notice plethora of color selections. You can use the default colors or customize your own palette by tapping the paint palette icon on the right side of the screen and moving the cursor along the color chart as desired. Your color will then be saved to your palette. Make this a personalized as you want and don’t worry if you make a mistake as you can always undo or even delete (trash) your work. Your progress will continuously be autosaved so don’t be paranoid while “performing.” You want some inspiration or set the mood? Turn some music on, and I must tell you it is a rather soothing background music which is very Zen-like.

zen coloring book for adultsWhen you complete your masterpiece and assuming you will be proud of your achievement, feel free to share amongst family and friends. I bet they will be downloading this app shortly after you gloat about your accomplishment(s). There are plenty of free piece to choose from, and unlock the entire book of artwork for a measly $2 and give yourself endless hours of enjoyment and tranquility. In closing and if I had a piece of advice aside from downloading this app, I would recommend this app be probably best used on a tablet as my fingers are too stubby to pinpoint where I want certain colors to land at times. Nevermind me, go enjoy the Zen experience.

Notarize – Your Personal Notary App

notarize appDeveloper: Notarize, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free, in-app service fee.

Notarize Apple Download

Notarize APP Apple Download

The legality of documents is necessitated throughout almost all facets of our daily lives whether we encounter them or not. Depending on what business you are in or perhaps, a “situation” of sorts, the availability of a Notary Public could be crucial. Most banks and law offices have them staffed and is mandated for certain employment, but what happens when you find yourself in a predicament when a Notary is not at your disposal, after business hours, or even out of the country? The Notarize app is now your 24/7 solution.

How it Works

notary appIf you need a document legalized, this notary app makes your life much easier. You will need to register and verify a legit email address and establish a password. To get the process started, simply scan a document, or choose one from your email or cloud services. You will be required to verify your identity by scanning your license, for example, to ensure the notarization is secure. You will then be connected face-to-face with a registered notary whereas the notary will witness your signature and notarize your document. You can then issue your official document(s) as necessitated.

Last Words

Notarize is all about convenience and convenience can be extremely valuable. This is a very creative idea, and I sincerely appreciate the concept behind it which is only to help people, ultimately, and make a little profit.  It is $25 per notarization so don’t be alarmed when it comes time to pay. The way the app makes an experience convenient, personal, and secure is key to customer service when in reality, most times you will have to go out of your way for a Notary. I haven’t experienced any flaws in reviewing this app so it comes with a solid recommendation. Personally, I will keeping this app on standby. Note: It is not available in Iowa for some reason.

Faceu – Fun Camera App


faceu app downloadDeveloper: Lemon, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Faceu is one of the latest apps out there that allows you to customize a photo in any way you want. You can take a selfie with the app and then you can modify the image as you see fit. It’s really fun, and the fact that it automatically recognizes your facial features is great too. This way you will have no problem adding in some cool new hats or glasses without any hassle.

faceu app storeMoreover, Faceu also has some beauty filters that are quite nice to be honest. The visuals in here are amazing, and you will always be quite impressed with the great value and quality. There’s also an expressions pack, which means you will have a lot of fun enjoying the addition of expressions if you so desire!

But the nicest thing about Faceu is that you get to add makeup to yourself and see how it looks. It’s quite amazing to be honest, and the entire host of features is designed to offer you a great experience as a whole.

The facial recognition tech used by Faceu is amazing and it’s very accurate. Plus, the filters and results you get from using them are very good too. It just goes to show that Faceu looks and feels genuine, and the results are a great testament of that.

face uAdding in visuals to your selfie may not seem like a stellar idea right off the bat. But the app looks great, feels really nice and it has exactly the stuff you need from a cool, pastime app. It’s really special and fun to go through, not to mention easy to customize.

As for enjoying the app, that’s up to you. There are only ads, so no in-app purchases are here. Which is great, although sometimes the ads can be a bit annoying. But still, if you want to enjoy an app that brings in filters and some cool stuff as well as nifty visuals, this may be the right one for you. Overall, I enjoyed using Faceu and I am sure you will like it too!

Patch – Your Local News App

best local news appDeveloper: Patch – Everything Local

Rating: Everyone 10+

Price: Free

There are plenty of news apps out there where we can read about the latest breaking news and world events, and it’s really a matter of personal preference whether you decide to download it to your mobile devices. For me, I like to concern myself with the local happenings which is where Patch is your resource. Make Patch your local news app for your iPhone or Android device.

More about Patch

patch news appThere is no personal information required to download and register the app but rather just your location or zip code will be necessitated to get started. Once your location is identified, the screen will be populated with your city and list of other local cities whereas you can choose cities and communities of your preference. Now, you have personalized your local news page…a nice feature. You are now free to browse and read any of the pertinent news articles of your choice. In addition to general news related items and events, the app will provide job listings and local weather forecasts and alerts as you will notice the current weather is displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Notifications will be sent to your device for important breaking news. Browsing is even easier. Scroll up and down to view article postings and swipe left and right to switch between your preferred cities and communities. You have the ability to always go back and add a city or cities of your preference by tapping the “+” sign in the upper corner.  And like most apps, there is the option to share and bookmark any favorite or worthwhile articles. You can even post an article of your own if you think you are Pulitzer worthy. However, you will be required to create an account to post your own article(s).

Patch Final Thoughts

patch appThere are couple of unique features which really sell this app for me. For starters, the streamlined format and personalization of this app is very appealing for me. I like the ability to be able to pick and choose articles I want to read whether it be good news or bad news. I often find myself cringing at some of the stories broadcast on my local news stations not because it’s bad TV, but it is genuinely something I would prefer to not even know about. Even when you aren’t trying to pay attention, sometimes you just can’t tune it out it in the background. Lastly, what I like about the Patch app is not being blasted with a collage of ads everywhere like your local TV news apps. The ads are present but well blended into the page so you can scroll past them easily. There are actually some ads which caught my eye for once so don’t forget to support the “sponsors.”

Best Recipe Apps for Your Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker

Whether you are craving a succulent, fast meal or a delicious dish cooked over time while you are away or at work, we have found a couple of cooker apps to help your cause. Of course, you must own a pressure cooker and/or a crock pot (slow cooker) to even attempt these recipes, so either buck up and purchase these cookers or orchestrate an elaborate borrowing scheme like friends or co-workers who borrow something from you and then don’t offer to return the item(s) until you ask, or they conveniently forget to return the loaned goods. Anyway, read further below for our suggestions for simple cooking apps which will add to your culinary prowess.


best instant pot recipesInstant Pot Recipes

Developer: Free Recipes Apps

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


If you are looking for the best instant pot recipes for your best pressure cooker apppressure cooker, give this app a go. After a quick download process, you will be greeted with a home screen picturing all the pressure cooker recipes offered. I must warn you as the illustrations will provide for immediate hunger. I would be alarmed if you don’t find something to your liking so when you do, tap the picture and the next screen contains all the details from cooking time, number of servings, ingredients, and other necessary supplemental instructions. The recipe screen also incorporates a slow motion camera effect of the dish which is alluring in itself. Feel free to share a recipe with friends and family or add to your favorites and save for a later date.

This app does contain ads which is to be expected for a free cooking app. Look forward to more recipes from the app in future releases. This is only version 1.0 so more tasty and instant pot recipes are on the horizon.


best slow cooker recipesYummy Slow Cooker Recipes

Developer: Creative Apps, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Slow cooker or crock pot recipes are more up my alley which is why this app comes with a sincere recommendation. This app offers approximately 500 slow cooker recipes which are categorized by dish type or ethnicity which you will immediately notice when opening the app. Dishes and meals range from chili, casseroles, sides, desserts, Italian, Mexican, soups, sauces, and more. I am confident you will find an appealing recipe and probably more than one. Realize most of these mealtimes are much longer than that of a pressure cooker.  Prepare the recipe as detailed in the ingredients and directions and allow patience for yourself and let the crock pot do the work. I must also mention the shopping list feature this app offers. You can simply tap the grocery cart icon when viewing a list of ingredients to add to your shopping list. I can’t count how many times I have made multiple trips to the grocery store for the prep of one meal which is probably why I am not allowed to perform grocery shopping in general.

Not only will your house be filled with fragrant aromas of the particular recipe, but slow cooked dishes are commonly more flavorful. Your patience will be rewarded with the help of this app’s recipes. Remove the ads and unlock additional recipes by purchasing the pro version for $1.99. You won’t regret it.

Golden Volunteer Opportunities – Giving Back Made Easy

Developer – 1 Inc.

Price – Free or Volunteers, Refer to their site for organization payments as payment may be free.

We recently featured an app that helps those users in need (SPA Suicide Prevention App). Following the helping theme, today we decided to feature an app that allows users to help others in need. Golden Volunteer Opportunities is the online yellow pages for volunteer services.  The app requires the typical email and username credentials for creating an account and requires your zip code to sort listings by “closest to you”.  Like most of us, myself included, we associate volunteering to a small window of activities like working at a soup kitchen or adopting a highway.  We are probably less likely to volunteer if our idea of opportunities doesn’t meet our own skill set or your interests. We believe in order to provide the best service and to encourage retention, a volunteer really needs to enjoy the work and find it rewarding. This is where Golden Volunteer Opportunities comes in.  Set your search parameters for when you are available, travel distance, and type of activates you enjoy and the app does the rest by populating opportunities for you to give back.

Like all great apps, it is easy to use, quick to log in, free (for volunteers and many organizations) and direct to the point. The privacy policy is standard as they don’t sell or trade any information you provide.  All information provided is used to help provide you and the app the best services possible.  They will use your email for mailings but do offer an easy opt out.  There complete privacy policy can be found here.

If you have an organization that you do enjoy working with and they aren’t on the app, use the “treasure hunt” feature to contact Golden Volunteer Opportunities to recommend your favorite organization. They will schedule a short phone call to gather information and get your organization on the Golden Volunteer Opportunities app.

I entered all of information and was disappointed to find out there were no opportunities in my area. I used this notice as motivation to utilize the “treasure hunt” feature and recommend organizations that could benefit from Golden Volunteer Opportunities services.  I believe recommending organizations has the potential of providing more help to my community then I can do by myself volunteering.  I will continue to check the app periodically and will take it the upon myself to promote the service as much as possible as I truly believe we live in a period of history where people want to do good and share as much as practical and just finding those opportunities to give back is sometimes the hardest part.

World Cup 2018 App

fifa world cup appDeveloper: Tupple Apps

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


With one of the biggest sporting events on the horizon (and no, I am not referring to the Winter Olympics), I am getting amped for the World Cup in Russia this year. The United States has choked themselves out of this year’s groupings, but that only takes away some of the excitement I would typically expect or suffering I would endure if they did qualify. All of the world’s best players isolate themselves from their ever so profitable club teams to play for their native countries. Who will be the Cinderella story this year? Will the likes of the typical favorites Brazil or Germany prevail? Who knows and this is what makes the anticipation so exciting. With this being said, I have been perusing some apps in advance of this historical event looking for the best World Cup app and have scored World Cup 2018. There are several apps with this same name so pay attention to the developer referenced above to download the correct app (as I see it).

best world cup appThis app has all I need and then some aside from the ad ribbon at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you select your appropriate time zone by clicking on the globe/clock icon. All of the matches are already listed in the order to be played so scout out some of your favorite teams or even find some early round rivalries. The Portugal vs Spain matchup seems like it’s going to be well contested match taking place in the first couple days of the tournament. Beyond the home screen, tap the soccer ball button (or menu, in this case) and you can select from more listings such as Groups, Teams, Favorites, Stadiums, and News. I found the Stadium feature to be very unique with this app’s offering. You can check out all the venues and there is all sorts of interesting information provided about the site to include capacity, matches being held there, and particular information about the city the stadium resides in.

fifa appsFor an event which only occurs once every four years, I encourage all fans to start getting pumped for what’s going to go down starting in mid-June in Russia. I can say after I downloaded this app and read a couple of features news articles, my enthusiasm has already risen.

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