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To most of our audience, an app about Chemistry, doesn’t scream “Download me!” However, it is important we cater to all audiences and personally, I actually enjoyed Chemistry both in high school and college. Believe it or not, I actually made aspirin in a lab session. Would I have ingested it? Heck no!

chemistry app free downloadAnyway, let me get back to writing this review. There are many other chemistry apps out there, but what I genuinely like about this app is the basic format. Chemistry is complex by nature so an app about it should be easy to use. The app contains chemical elements, compounds, and of course, the periodic table which should be plastered on a wall in banner form in any Chemistry classroom. The home screen greets you with three selection tabs: elements, compounds, and formulas. The elements tab lists the elements in numerical order as they appear on the periodic table. You can search for a particular element or scroll down and tap an element, and you will pretty much find out about everything you need to know about the element such as the symbol, proton number, atomic weight, phase, oxidation states, whether it is radioactive, etc. If you select the compound tab by which another list will be chemistry app for high school studentspopulated with a search option. Find a particular compound, and you will see it’s characteristics along with a nice illustration of the molecular structure. The formulas tab contains often used equations like concentration, molar volume, mixing equation, ideal gas law, and so on. And finally, it you want to reference the periodic table, tap the atom or atomic icon, and the table will be displayed in its entirety. Similar to the elements tab, you can simply press on an element to list its characteristics.

I understand most of us would rather be playing or using another app, but just messing around with this app may actually help you understand the subject matter a little better. I do not condone using this app on your chemistry mid-terms or finals as I assume the teacher would frown upon assistance from an app. If I had to be critical about anything in particular with this app, I would say it could be supplemented with more formulas and even content pertaining to general terms and definitions. And if Chemistry isn’t your thing, check out other educational apps offered by the developer.

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