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When it comes to money management, it’s always nice to have a useful tool to help track and budget your finances, spending, debt, and Capital One Credit Cards. The Clarity Money app is just that and will help keep your financial world organized and could be one of the best personal finance apps out there for your iPhone or Android device.

How It Works

best budget appThis finance app is easy to get set up as long as you have online banking with a financial institution. Register your email address and personalized password. You will then be prompted to enter the name of your banking institution and the associated online banking information like username and password, and the app is even able to interface your actual security questions to validate your account. Once everything is legitimized, your account information will be populated within the app. You will notice a personalized screen indicating the cash, credit debt and investments (if applicable), what you spent, and all other transactions pertaining to your account. You can tap the transaction “window” to expand it to a more detailed list of daily, sorted best money apptransactions. If you keep scrolling down you will notice other pertinent account information or “tiles” such as a monthly spending pie chart based on categories like entertainment and ATM withdrawals, or you can even check your credit score. The app will also recognize subscriptions like Netflix you are automatically deducting from your account whereas you can even unsubscribe if you desire. There are tiles to help you establish a savings account, check your credit score, and review your credit card accounts and transactions.

If you have additional accounts with other banks, you can link these as well. It’s a simple as tapping the bank icon on the bottom of the screen, and then pressing the “+” sign on the following screen. You can then transfer money amongst accounts as necessary. Additional features include the ever popular search option (magnifying glass) if you are looking for a specific transaction, and best financial appthe personal settings tab which looks like a stick figure torso of sorts. (Sorry, I don’t know of a better way to describe this icon, but you will figure it out). The personal settings tool will allow to you change personal information, add and delete accounts, refer friends, ask for help, view the security/privacy policies, log out, and set up notifications. My current online banking app provided by my institution won’t even let me establish notifications so this is a major plus for this app. Inherently, I will be able to track my wife just by monitoring my account with this feature, and believe me, she is by no means a frugal person. Furthermore, if you input your monthly income the app will offer recommendations to improve financial health. Don’t expect stock tips, or tracking of Bitcoin yet, but rather simple suggestions to save you a couple bucks here and there.

Final Thoughts

A mentor of mine once said “Nothing says I love you like money.” As greedy as this sounds, there is a lot of truth to this statement and managing your money is not only key to supporting your everyday life style, but can also lead to financial success. This might be one of the best budget apps we have come across so it gets “two thumbs up” from the ReviewThisApp staff.

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