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One Day App Review


Developer: Bloom Built, Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and use with optional upgrade purchase


Our everyday lives can range from being very routine to being extremely diversified. Keeping track of our schedule(s) and remembering events and people of relevance can become an afterthought during our daily grind. Well, there is a new journal app, “DAY ONE,” to help us capture memories, happenings,  and even plan ahead whether you take pride in being organized or consider yourself a procrastinator. This app is available for both the Android and IPhone smartphones.


Open up ITunes or Google Play store as applicable and search for journal app or simply “Day one” as a keyword. Download it, and you are on your way. FYI, it’s about 29MB.

Upon opening the app, the home screen or the timeline screen is populated whereas the first thing you will probably take notice to is the large camera icon, “+,” day, and date. The upper ribbon will display the word “Journal” with the typical main menu icon (three horizontal lines), the search icon (magnifying glass), and the more icon (three vertical dots). Under the main menu and more icon, you can create your account under the settings tab, and it’s easy as entering your email and following the hyperlink sent to your email immediately by Day One support. The settings tab also offers other options such as units. Units can be set to imperial or metric units. This is a very important setting as each journal entry contains specific metadata identifying the time, location, and even temperature. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, the additional icons in the bottom ribbon allow access to your timeline, photos, map, and calendar. The calendar will allow you to view you past entries or even schedule appointments in the future.

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Now that you are finally getting acclimated, let’s get down to the fun part. Inputting a journal entry is easy as pressing the plus(+) sign or camera icon. Simply type in the event, reminder, or note-to-self, click the checkmark, and your entry is logged in. If you want a visual component to your entry, you would obviously press the camera icon which allows you to snap a photo or insert from your personal image storage. So for example, if your wife has someone take a picture of the two of you on the beach, she can type in the caption “Me and my trophy husband.” Priceless memories like these are what this app is all about. More so, there aren’t any annoying ads or pop-ups, but there is a premium service feature offered starting at $2.92/mo which allows for multiple journals, additional features, and unlimited cloud storage. The free version is still well suited for the average user, but could bog down your smartphone storage.


In general, this app is a diary on steroids. It is very straightforward and enables one to capture every day thoughts and recollections. In our day and age of technology, I can see this journaling app as probably one of the best of its kind. This is a very useful app and could double as a supplemental travel app. Make your memories personal, professional, and exciting. It’s all about you and yours!

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