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With the advent of the high speed internet, VPN, and other remote desktop software, working from home or remote from the office is very easy to accomplish these days whether you own a small business or website, and if you are looking for another source of income while sitting in your home office, the Earn Extra Income app may be your answer. We have all seen the signs stapled to telephone poles stating “Make $3000/mo Working From Home.”  Most of these are too good to be true and involve a get rich scheme of sorts. On the contrary, this app offers legitimate programs and sponsored websites to supplement your income.

How the App Works

apps to make moneyThe app is relatively straightforward to operate for those apps falling into the finance app category. There is no registration required for using the app, but I can guarantee you there will be for the programs offered and even a screening process is necessitated for some gigs which screams legit to me. The home page conveniently lists all the programs and websites offered. Currently, there are sixteen “sponsors” listed on the app. You can make money in a variety of ways, some more complex than others. In short, you are being paid for your services which range from freelance writing, designing t-shirts, tutoring, delivering groceries, hosting a meal, and more.

When clicking on a featured program or website, read the brief description and you will quickly understand what responsibilities and tasks are involved. Scroll down further of the selected money making appsscreen and the app offers useful parameters to help in your decision making process. These include “Availability” which identifies the geographical restrictions, if any. Most are offered worldwide. The “Mode of Payment” is/are listed. The other factors include “Ease of Use,” “Earning Potential,” and “Fun Factor” by which these are measured on a scale of one to five stars with five being the best or highest rating.  Better yet, the app offers advice with a “How to do it right” which is a very nice feature no matter how good you think you are. Consider it constructive criticism. And to cap it all off, you will notice a list of similar sites or programs listed at the bottom of the screen, if applicable. It is my job to mention there are some ad screens which pop up as you toggle back and forth between the home page and the featured site, but they are easily skipped so don’t let these stop you from utilizing this app.

Decision Time?

Find something to your liking and make some money while doing so. There many people who hate their jobs so if you discover a way to make some extra cash and you actually enjoy doing it, advantage you. Download this app and get your “side hustle” on.

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