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faceu app downloadDeveloper: Lemon, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Faceu is one of the latest apps out there that allows you to customize a photo in any way you want. You can take a selfie with the app and then you can modify the image as you see fit. It’s really fun, and the fact that it automatically recognizes your facial features is great too. This way you will have no problem adding in some cool new hats or glasses without any hassle.

faceu app storeMoreover, Faceu also has some beauty filters that are quite nice to be honest. The visuals in here are amazing, and you will always be quite impressed with the great value and quality. There’s also an expressions pack, which means you will have a lot of fun enjoying the addition of expressions if you so desire!

But the nicest thing about Faceu is that you get to add makeup to yourself and see how it looks. It’s quite amazing to be honest, and the entire host of features is designed to offer you a great experience as a whole.

The facial recognition tech used by Faceu is amazing and it’s very accurate. Plus, the filters and results you get from using them are very good too. It just goes to show that Faceu looks and feels genuine, and the results are a great testament of that.

face uAdding in visuals to your selfie may not seem like a stellar idea right off the bat. But the app looks great, feels really nice and it has exactly the stuff you need from a cool, pastime app. It’s really special and fun to go through, not to mention easy to customize.

As for enjoying the app, that’s up to you. There are only ads, so no in-app purchases are here. Which is great, although sometimes the ads can be a bit annoying. But still, if you want to enjoy an app that brings in filters and some cool stuff as well as nifty visuals, this may be the right one for you. Overall, I enjoyed using Faceu and I am sure you will like it too!

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