First Person News Review and Interview with the Team

First Person News – The Peoples News App

Developer: First Person News, INC

Rating: 17+

Price: Free

We love apps that have the potential to change how an industry operates and apps which allow for easy transfer of information between users. First Person News does both of this and is similar to how YESMLS had the potential to change how we buy and sell homes. First Person News gives us the ability to change how we get our news.  First Person News has taken the content selection process from the biased agenda oriented news stations and put the content into the public’s hands and more so, gives us all another way to express are first amendment right.  We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask the Director of Business Development with First Person News a few questions.

First Person News App Review

Breaking News AppBefore we get to the interview, let me give you a quick rundown of the app. Be patient. The app allows you to easily post content taken from your smartphone directly to their app.  If you desire to post content, all you have to do is create a profile by logging in through Facebook or Twitter, and simply hit the report icon at the bottom of the screen and start the reel because you now just became a reporter.  This breaking news app has five icons on the bottom allowing you access to the latest news, subscribe to channels, report news, create a profile, or switch to a local map.  The news icon will start automatically playing the latest news.  Each video is accompanied by a small title bar underneath identifying the news article title, the contributor, location of the event, and the time of posting.  While this is happening, the top bar above the news cycles through popular news segments.  The app does a great job of packing in the information and providing relevant news options. You can easily burn through an hour without realizing it.  The Channels option is exactly that. It’s simply a lists of channels based on topics you can subscribe to.  The Nearby icon switches you to a local map with pin points all of the postings in your local area. Clicking once on the pin point provides you the news title, and  clicking a second time directs you to the actual article.

Interview with First Person News

RTA (Review This App) – We love the idea of an app which is dedicated to quick response news from individuals of all areas and backgrounds. How did you come up with the idea?

FPN (First Person News) – First Person was developed out of a need for a platform that makes it convenient to discover different perspectives, which we believe is the key to connecting people. The mainstream news business as it stands tends to be highly politicized, relying on divisive rhetoric that excludes voices at the expense of unity. First Person democratizes the dissemination of information by giving individuals the chance to add their unique perspective to the media landscape.

RTA – Will the correspondent’s content be reviewed for inappropriate language or inappropriate subject matter?

FPN – All submissions are reviewed by our team on the back end; when it comes to things like language, we generally take a pretty liberal approach to what we’ll accept. Posts containing graphic violence will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; those depicting sexual content or pornography will be deleted immediately.

RTA – Fake news has recently become an issue for Facebook. How will First Person News monitor the authenticity of the content?

FPN – Right now we are manually cross-referencing posts with information from social media networks and news sources. One of our objectives moving forward is to design a system that can automatically detect and notify us of prohibited or suspicious content.

RTA – We would like to see the viewer have the ability to flag content as fake news or inappropriate. Are these features that could be included in new version releases?

FPN – Yes. We are building in features not only to enable users to flag fabricated or inappropriate videos but also to show appreciation for high-quality footage and stories.

RTA – What additional features do you expect to include when new versions are released?

FPN – In addition to making it easier to follow journalists and channels, our next versions will include the ability to comment on videos and share content to an individual users’ profile. We are also considering introducing a badging system as well as feature that would enable users to provide monetary support to contributors whose content they find particularly compelling or useful.

RTA – One last, important question: Is there anything you would like our readers to know specifically about First Person News?

FPN – First Person’s ultimate utility lies in its capacity to function as a platform that transcends geographical boundaries and established social circles to efficiently promote local news to a global audience. While it’s impossible to force people to seek out different perspectives, you can build a tool that makes it easy to find them. That tool is First Person.

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Interview Hot Takes

Best Free News AppThe future features of FPN in development aren’t just adding fluff. They will balance the content, provide users interactive feedback options, allow you to follow contributors you like, and provide the contributors ways to monetize their content. Allowing the user to donate to those they think are providing great content will attract reports, encourage entertaining content, and allow the reporters to continue posting.

We always review app developer’s privacy policy, and typically only comment on it if it has an impact on the product or the individual in ways that aren’t typical to the internet industry. We use Google as the baseline of what a privacy policy should prescribe.  We recognize the majority of people use Google and understand Google utilizes your history to provide targeted advertising.  We also understand the same people recognize targeted advertising as the reason why much content on the internet is free.  FPN’s privacy policy for views is very typical.  However, their privacy toward contributors goes beyond.  They recognize the face that if you make a profile, they will add to your profile with available public information.  At first glance, this seems to be out of the ordinary, but we believe it provides better value to the users.  It will help guarantee reporters are real and therefore, care about their reputations and will only post honest, high quality content.  Say “goodbye” to fake news and “hello” to great value.  It only seems fair if we are giving someone money (and if this app takes off, the top reports will be bringing in some serious money), we should be assured of who you are and know your post is legitimate.

 FPN Final Take

Best News App For IphoneA decade ago, Facebook revolutionized how we keep in touch and communicate with family and friends. Similarly, we believe First Person News can reinvent how we keep in touch with our local community and review regional or national news based on what we view is important. It provides a platform for the ambitious regardless of background or socioeconomic status.  We would like to thank FPN for taking the time to answer our questions, but more importantly thank them for a wonderful new app that truly provides a new voice for us to express our first amendment right.  Start those cameras and we’ll see you on First Person News.


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