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hidden folks app reviewDeveloper: Adriaan de Jongh

Rating: Everyone

Price: $2.99(Google Play), $3.99(App Store)

When I first came upon Hidden Folks, I couldn’t help but immediately reminisce to my childhood about the hidden pictures feature of Highlights magazine. I used to get extremely excited as a child when the magazine came as I would immediately turn to the hidden pictures page and greet the challenge as my priority. It truly was a highlight (punfully intended) of my younger years until my parents cancelled the subscription. As I thought this action was cruel and unusual punishment at the time, it was simply a subtle way of telling me to “grow up.” Well now, I have the developer of Hidden Folks to thank for creating such an awesome app which caters to everyone.

Playing Hidden Folks

You will have to pay to play, and as you have probably guessed by my introduction, it is well worth the price of admission. I don’t honestly understand why there is a price difference between Google and Apple stores, but it’s the simple reality.

hidden folks reviewPlaying Hidden Folks is very straightforward. You can choose from a variety of maps to include the forest, drylands, city, snow, and factory. Each map or venue has various stages, and as with most games, it gets harder as you progress. The object is to find the people, animals, and/or objects within the map which are shown and listed at the bottom of the screen. Some maps will require you to find everyone and everything while other maps will necessitate the uncovering of only the majority of the list in order to advance or unlock the next map. Finding people, animals, or things will require some thought and attention because they will truly be hidden. You may have to shake trees, dig up holes, open doors, unzip tents, and perform various other actions to uncover the “hidden.” You will notice quirky sound effects as you tap the screen to complete these actions and a general hidden folks appbackground noise associated with the map theme which only adds to the exhilarating experience of playing this game. Whether you are seeking out a person, animal, or object, there will be pertinent clues in the associated description relating to their location in the map. These hints are very helpful especially for the larger maps.

You will find yourself staring at the screen until you feel cross-eyed, and then you may start to aimlessly tap the screen in hope of finding someone or something. At this point, I would recommend you take a break. Your progress will be saved and you can come back and continue at any time or even try another map if you need a change of scenery. You will notice some maps will be locked, but these become unlocked as you progress through the game.

The graphics resemble artwork which is very unique and offer a black and white themed illustrations. You can change the color theme under the settings menu if you so desire. It is a very casual game play experience. Other than that, I am going to stop here and encourage you pay up and get on this app. It’s fun for everyone.

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