Developer: Tripcommon, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download, contains ads.


For anybody who has searched for this app thinking it might help with an ex-wife or crazy boyfriend, you are out of luck, and you should rethink your intentions. Hitlist is a travel app similar to Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz, and only deals with flight reservations. Booking flights these days is relatively easy and cheap (if you are ahead of the game) and having an app which really narrows down your search and price range, is extremely beneficial to one’s time.

What this app offers…

Hitlist gets right to the point when initially opening. Tap “Get Started” to start exploring or you can sign in and register. The app will use your GPS to find the closest airport to you or manually select your preference. The app opens with the “Explore” page listing suggested trips, last minute getaways, most popular, weekend and tropical getaways, and features unique categories such as James Bond film locations, spicy food spots, best for photography, and more. If any of these don’t appeal to you, press the “search” option, and type in your destination. Upon finding and selecting your destination, the next screen populates all the available flights from the major airlines, and furthermore, you can filter your search based on your preference of airline and number of stops. The app rates the prices of the flights from “SPECTACULAR” to just “AVERAGE.” I like options, and this app really brings it home. Another slick feature is the “My Hitlist” page. This is just another option to assist you in planning a trip. You can set the dates you want to depart and return on and of course, the destination. If no flights are currently offered, add to your hitlist and you will receive a notification when available.

This app can be used for both business and pleasure. I really enjoy the simplicity of its layout and the ability to search freely. The app inherently generates other places of interest you may want to visit and explore. It is very unique in this aspect so add these destinations to your hitlist as you go. Not only is this app receiving great PR from this fantastic review, but it has also been recognized by entities like the New Your Times and TIME magazine. Download Hitlist and tell your friends and family…only those who you want to travel with, I might add.


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