Magic Siege – Defender review

Developer: AKPublish pty ltd Rave Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free (in app purchases)

Defender is an interesting tower defense game. It allows you to take the role of a mage and the idea here is that you have to defend the castle from the incoming monster waves. The interesting thing about the game is that more and more monsters come to get you. Basically, you have to do all in your power to stop them, and doing that isn’t going to be very easy.  The idea is that you need to use the tactical skills and all your magic potency to make it out alive. Doing that in the beginning is very challenging, and that on its own can lead to a whole host of challenges. But Magic Siege – Defender does bring in front some cool things to take into consideration.

The spell upgrades are nice, since you do get to have something to upgrade all the time. This also encourages you to take risks in the game. Sometimes it will pay off really well, other times not so much. But the idea is to take your time and try to explore this as much as you want. The experience does improve all the time because there are new monsters to enjoy and the overall outcome you get all comes down to the way you strategize.

You can find 6 weapons in total and there are 4 witchcraft scrolls too. Basically there’s a whole lot of stuff for you to enjoy and the gameplay does end up getting better all the time. The graphics in this game are really nice, and you will be quite impressed by them. But the thing that stands out for me is definitely the gameplay.

Defender does a very good job at making you care for the mage and you will feel very invested in the experience as you play. The entire gameplay is always intense and good as a whole, plus there’s a lot of attention to detail to be had here.There are in-app purchases, but these won’t really be a huge problem. They don’t impact the game, and even the most expensive ones will be up to $30 or so. It’s not a large amount considering other games, so their approach is very fair here. And you can play without investing in those.

As a whole, Magic Siege – Defender is a great package. It’s an amazing game, and one that you will be playing for quite a while so you should download and give it a try!

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