Meal Delivery App + Cookbook = Blue Apron App

Blue Arpon ReviewDeveloper: Blue Apron

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download. Meals plans are at cost.

If you haven’t seen the Blue Apron commercial(s) on TV, then you may not know what I speak of aside from reading the title of this article. My exposure to Blue Apron resulted from of a meal plan subscription for about year. My wife and I have been considering getting back on a plan for dietary reasons so I have decided first to make it part of my app collection and am happy to report on it. Let’s start by thinking of the Blue Apron app as meals on wheels.

Blue Apron PlansBlue Apron offers a plethora of free recipes just by registering your email and creating a password and is similar to the layout of the cookbook app, Tasty, excluding the ads and including a meal delivery feature which I will eventually elaborate on further.  I will forewarn you by simply browsing recipes, you will start to salivate. Kudos to the developer. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen with subtitle “recipes.” There you will find three categories under the browse menu: season, main ingredient, and cuisine. For clarification purposes the season category does not refer to a spice or seasoning but rather winter, spring, summer, or fall. The main ingredient category is subcategorized into wide range of proteins and vegetarian options to choose from. Lastly, the cuisine category is separated by ethnicity from all over the globe. The options seem endless. Weekly dishes and meals are also presented to you as your home screen as the “on the menu” icon also located at the bottom of the screen. If find a recipe you want to try to prepare yourself, just tap the delectable picture. Your meal selection will then be displayed showing an estimated cook time, calories per serving, and the yield (how many people it serves). As you scroll down the same screen, you will be given a brief description of the meal, a list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions (which are imperative when I attempt to cook), and even tips and tricks.

Blue Apron Free TrialIf you fail at cooking like myself, you can have the meal delivered to your front door. I will be honest…my wife is a great cook, she tries new recipes, but there are easily a couple times a week where we are both mentally spent from the daily grind, and we completely forget about dinner. Instead of spending an easy $50 or more going out to eat, Blue Apron is at your service. We have a family of four so for those times of the week where we are ill-prepared for dinner, the app offers a healthy, meal plan for you and yours and at a reasonable price. All the ingredients are sent to your household and are ready for prep. You will not have to worry about the one item you forgot to get at the grocery store, and we all have been in that predicament. Feel free to add a meal plan under the “account settings” option which accessed by tapping the account icon at the bottom of the screen. Discover an affordable meal plan and you will have peace of mind.

This app is not only a very useful app from a convenience factor standpoint, but you can trust the meals are made of fresh ingredients and offer nutritional value. If I had to knock Blue Apron for anything, in particular, I would say the portion sizes are slight compared to my normal caloric intake. In reality, portion control is good thing and is probably intentional on behalf of the Blue Apron chefs. My scale will thank me later.

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