Memrise – Half off Special

Memrise: Language Learning

Developer – Memrise

Price – Free for Basic Learning, Pro Version is $8.99 per month, $18.99 for three months, $59.99 for a year and $179.99

Memrise – Why Now?

With the New Year fast approaching, we all will have New Year resolutions that most likely will fail at some point (usually February for me). Regardless of the how long they last, they make us skinner, healthier, and generally better people for at least a short period of time.  We have nailed health apps which is usually the number one New Year’s resolution, so I chose to write about a huge app this year that gets minimal exposure, but would be great to assist in a difficult but useful New Year’s resolution, learning a new language.  I chose to learn Spanish, not because of travelling, or because I have Spanish relatives, but rather to show my support to the largest immigrant population in the United States.

Memrise – What it does and Who is it for?

Memrise is an easy to use, learn at your own pace, mobile language teaching tool. The app can teach different languages in many native languages including American Sign Language (this review and stats stated is based on learning in English only).  I reviewed the available language options and was amazed to see about very language available, including many Native American languages.  Even ancient Greek is available. The full list of languages can be found here.  The basic version of the app teaches you basic words and popular phases and uses repetition to reinforce the new found knowledge.  It basically teaches you a few words and quizzes you in both written and video format.  The app allows you to utilize your camera to identify different objects and their terminology in your target language.  Like a lot of new apps, they try to create a community where you can follow and challenge your friends or even add courses to the app.

Memrise Pro Version

The free features are fun and easy to use, but if you are serious about learning a language, you really need to buy the Pro Version. The pricing is reasonable and is listed above.  Order now and take 50 percent off of the pricing above.  The pro version has many features including an offline feature for the dreaded no WIFI plane or some crazy mountain hike that I haven’t done.  The best feature of the pro version is the chat bots where you can actually practice speaking in sentences with bots.  I have signed up for one month to see how much I learn.

What to Expect From Memrise and Our Recommendation

Expect to have fun with the free basic version and learn enough to entertain your friends but don’t expect much more. The pro version definitely has the potential to really teach you a new language, but as in everything, expect to get out what you put in.  The price point (especially now with the discount) is low enough you can give it a try and are only out a few bucks if it isn’t for you, or you decide English is enough for right now.  I would recommend at a minimum the free version for any one studying a language in high school or college as it is a fun and easy to use tool that will always be with if you find a few minutes to study.  The app has 16 million downloads, so it is by no means a new player in the app world.



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