Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game

best mini golf appDeveloper: Bluehole PNIX

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with in-app purchases


When you think of mini golf app, you probably think putt putt app. Well, I would classify Mini Golf King as putt putt on steroids, in a good way. It is a multiplayer, online format where you can compete against others worldwide. If you think Golf Clash is awesome, well, this golf app is trending up!

Playing Mini Golf King

As with most games, you will be given a quick tutorial and unlike your typical putt-putt, your golf bag comes with a driver, iron, sand wedge, and putter. Slide your finger back, aim, and let go. The obvious objective is to sink the ball in less strokes than your opponent, but also try to aim for gems to collect along your ball’s travel path. If you “push” the hole, the tie breaker is your gem point total for the hole.

putt putt appThe game is structured in stages whereas you gain experience by outdueling your opponents allowing you to advance and play more courses. The courses are very unique and offer a lot to take in. As I mentioned before, make an effort to collect gems but be wary of the many obstacles. There are bunkers, water hazards, and even dynamite bombs to make the holes a bit more challenging. You can even hit or get hit by your opponent’s ball. If you prevail, you will awarded coins and trophies. You will need coins to play holes, and trophies will help work towards chests and advancement to higher stages. Chests will contain coins and equipment upgrades which will only elevate your game.

If you want to expedite your status from beginner to pro, take advantage of the in-app purchases in the form of currency offered which is gold bars. Gold bars range from a handful (80) to a vault (16,000) with a price tag of $.99 to $99.99, respectively. Some things come with a price so if you are serious about this game, break out your wallet. Much like real golf, this “sport” isn’t cheap. Don’t fret if you are as cheap as I am and don’t desire to fork out the funds, but your progression up the ranks will just be gradual and patience is encouraged.

best putt putt gameLast Hole

As you have probably already gathered, this app comes highly recommended, and it didn’t take long for me to become enamored with this great game. This game is absolute enjoyment and entertainment, and I have a feeling Mini Golf King will be a “hole-in-one” for the app world.

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