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Price: Free

Nextdoor is by no means a new app, but it’s relevance to the social networking world is something I must make you aware of, if you are not already. It has over 1 million plus downloads in the Google Play store so it’s no secret. Think of the Nextdoor as your neighborhood Facebook.

Ironically, my research did not lead me to download this app but rather a postcard in my mail. I usually am able to decipher junk mail versus relevant mail, but this flier caught my attention. The instructions were simple and all I had to do was enter the allocated code assigned to me, and I was on my way. Similar to other apps, Nextdoor will utilize your GPS locator on your smartphone or tablet to confirm your residential location.

How It Works

This app has many features you can utilize to become a part of the community or just be the neighbor from the outside looking in (sounds a little creepy). I meant to say the app doesn’t require your constant attention or involvement, but there will probably be those neighbors who will be all over this forum. The home page is populated with all sorts of posts like lost and found pets, local car accidents, items for sale, posts from your local municipality, links to articles from your local news, and ads, of course. If you want to post anything of interest, just tap the “+” sign in the lower right corner, and you can select the category of your post. You can send a private message to a neighbor like “Please shut your freakin’ dog up!”  Send an urgent alert like a water main break, post an event like a garage sale (make sure you have a permit), issue a poll, or just simply post a message in the for sale & free, general, crime & safety, lost & found, or recommendations category.

If you are uncomfortable with submitting a post, you can simply search for a particular person, place, or event by using the search bar at the top of the screen or filter your search by tapping the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the bottom left of the screen. The menu page is organized by offering all the aforementioned categories of posts, people, my bookmarks, settings, and help. In particular, I found the recommendations category to very beneficial. Here again, this page is broken down into categories like restaurants, bars/pubs(my favorite), lawn services, grocery stores, hair salons(NA), and so on. I would encourage you to explore all the other categories because depending on your location and whether you are a suburbanite or a rural member of the community, this app can offer endless information whether you view it as pertinent or purely useless.

As you would probably assume, the app contains a map feature which can be utilized to view who is on the network. As we approach Halloween, the map will also identify who is handing out candy whereas you can select whether you will be partaking. Some people just don’t do Halloween so this will a nice tool to use when I am walking my son around. The map will also allow you to invite other neighbors via post card by which the first ten are free and postage paid. Use the map to select which neighbors you would like to send an invite to and the app will do all the work for you.

Final Remarks      

Nextdoor is one of the social network apps which I can hang with. It offers a plethora of information regarding your neighborhood and community. It can almost function as a neighborhood watch app if utilized properly. If there was any negative feedback to offer, in my opinion, I would say this app is purely dependent on the population of the community whereas smaller neighborhoods would not find this to be an effective tool or be able to utilize this app to its full potential. Regardless of my opinion, I am excited to have been invited by my neighbors and am now a nosy neighbor (in a good way).

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