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notarize appDeveloper: Notarize, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free, in-app service fee.

Notarize Apple Download

Notarize APP Apple Download

The legality of documents is necessitated throughout almost all facets of our daily lives whether we encounter them or not. Depending on what business you are in or perhaps, a “situation” of sorts, the availability of a Notary Public could be crucial. Most banks and law offices have them staffed and is mandated for certain employment, but what happens when you find yourself in a predicament when a Notary is not at your disposal, after business hours, or even out of the country? The Notarize app is now your 24/7 solution.

How it Works

notary appIf you need a document legalized, this notary app makes your life much easier. You will need to register and verify a legit email address and establish a password. To get the process started, simply scan a document, or choose one from your email or cloud services. You will be required to verify your identity by scanning your license, for example, to ensure the notarization is secure. You will then be connected face-to-face with a registered notary whereas the notary will witness your signature and notarize your document. You can then issue your official document(s) as necessitated.

Last Words

Notarize is all about convenience and convenience can be extremely valuable. This is a very creative idea, and I sincerely appreciate the concept behind it which is only to help people, ultimately, and make a little profit.  It is $25 per notarization so don’t be alarmed when it comes time to pay. The way the app makes an experience convenient, personal, and secure is key to customer service when in reality, most times you will have to go out of your way for a Notary. I haven’t experienced any flaws in reviewing this app so it comes with a solid recommendation. Personally, I will keeping this app on standby. Note: It is not available in Iowa for some reason.

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