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I recently had my second child, and my first child was born before the app boom. I have seen major benefits in the apps as it relates to raising a child.  The days of spending money for a noise maker (which was worth it then) and keeping a pad of paper with notes about when they just last eat or had a diaper blowout are done.  In this post, I focused on free apps that save you money and time when raising and caring for a children.  I have used all of these with my second child, and the convenience of the mobile apps plus the stress relief they provided is making my life (and my wife’s) much easier.  Use these apps to reduce your stress and allow for the time that can be used for drinking a glass of wine.

Baby AppsParenting Apps 1 – Sound Sleeper: White noise machine for baby sleep

Developer – Michael Feigenson

Price – Free

A traditional white noise generator r costs around $50 while the Sound Sleeper app is free and comes with 16 preset soothing sounds that are categorized based on your child’s age. The sleep tracking feature will listen for any noise your child makes and will also track how long your child has slept (hopefully awhile).  You can even connect the sound sleeper to Wi-Fi and use a remote (is your phone the remote?) to turn it on and off so there is no need to risk waking that baby.  For an additional in- app purchase you can download lullabies and other sounds.  Don’t waste the money on a traditional sound generator, but rather download the free app on an IPad and get more features.

Baby AppsBaby Apps 2 – Baby Tracker (Feed Timer, Sleep, Diaper Log)

Developer – Nighp Software LLC

Price – Free

The Baby Tracker app allows you to organize all of your baby’s important activities and functions. Set timers for when your baby needs to feed, or if nursing, set the time schedule and receive an alert when it is time to nurse again.  You can also save information on how much your baby eats and compose notes specific to each feeding. During the first few weeks of having a baby, your pediatrician will require you to keep track of your baby’s dischargers (don’t k now how to say this in a more tactful manner).  The baby tracker will allow you to enter these events and even document important notes.  Remember, if your baby is sick, the more information you can provide to your pediatrician the better he/she can diagnosis the ailment or sickness…  The app offers a baby sleep tracker (this is an add-on for an additional cost) which is helpful to ensure your baby’s sleep habits are adequate.  The tracker will even chart all of the logged activities such that you know the trends of your baby.


Baby AppsBaby Monitor Annie:

Developer – Master App Solutions

Price – Free

For our first child, we spent approximately $300 dollars on a video baby monitor, Don’t get me wrong, it was a great purchase as we always had piece of mind  our baby was safe and comfortable. As having a visual of your baby creates a better sense of security.  However, with this app technology, buying a video monitor is just a waste of money. Baby Monitor Annie essentially performs the same services for free. Connect one of your extra Wi-Fi enabled devices at a viewing point of the baby, and then you can interface any of your other Wi-Fi devices to view your child as your viewing device.  Similar to Bluetooth, the viewing device has features that monitor the video devices battery at the viewing point. Additionally, the viewing device allows you to listen and talk to your baby through the recording device.  It even has features to allow you to watch multiple babies (for those blessed with this nice surprises).  I recommend using an old IPhone or extra WIFI device and permanently mounting it along the top of the crib allowing for the maximum viewing angle.


Having a new born can be overwhelming and stressful, but these free apps will help you maintain sanity and provide great value. Enjoy these apps, but most importantly, enjoy the creation of new life as a child(ren) will bring you enjoyment and a new purpose that I can’t explain.

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