Piggy Pile App Review

piggy pile appDeveloper: Crazy Labs by Tab Tale

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

Who’s ready for another fast paced mobile game? The developers of Piggy Pile are, and they did not disappoint with the release of this app. This has nothing to do with the pigs in Angry Birds so let’s not go there. Piggy Pile is just one of those cute, catchy mobile games. Read the review below and let us convince you.

Playing Piggy Pile

piggy pile for androidPiggy Pile reminds me of playing Subway Surfers for some reason but the graphics are not comparable and you can’t jump. Instead, the controls are simpler in that you are just moving side to side. You can either tap the screen to move left or right or slide your finger accordingly. Whatever your preference, this can be changed under the settings. You will start with one pig and the object is to collect pigs or buddies as you go race along the map avoiding obstacles like gaps, spikes, and even shooting plungers. Collect as many friends as possible which will create a tower of power. You will sacrifice your pigs and friends if you move over gaps or hit obstacles, thus, lowering your tower. In addition to gathering friends, collect clocks to slow down time, grab shovels to fills gabs, snatch bubbles to grow your tower temporarily, and grab coins. Over time you will receive gifts containing coins, as well. Coins will allow you to unlock other maps or continue if you “die” during a level. If you decide not to continue, you will have to restart by which there are no limits of restarts.

Game play gets pretty intense as you accumulate friends and your tower grows. The tempo seems to ramp up too. If it gets too intense, kill the music and sound effects. Sometimes this helps me concentrate better.

piggy pile for itunesContrary to the app’s name, it’s not all about pigs. There are one hundred game characters and twenty different maps so you will have plenty of variety to be amused with. And yes, I must mention ads will appear and will be present at the bottom of the screen but that doesn’t affect the game play at all especially if you are playing on a tablet. It’s free so go ahead and do yourself a favor and download this free app for an entertaining experience.

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