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GPS Map AppsDeveloper – Tom Desmet

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Quick Overview

Points for Places That Matter is basically Google Maps that uses your GPS location to pin point your destination for future reference.  The maps are clear and appear similar to Google Maps. The app enables family sharing (allows up to six members to share the all of the data information) so I used the app this weekend at the zoo with my family.  We have young kids and frequent the zoo six or eight times a year. They never get tired of those crazy seals.  It always amazes me how kids always have to go the bathroom the second you mention it’s time to leave.  Despite being a regulars to the zoo (I used to be a regular at the local watering hole), we can never find the family restrooms quick enough.  I used the app to pin point all the family restrooms plus the only concession stand that sells margaritas.  It was convenient to pull up the app and locate the closest family restroom.  The app will organize your points in lists for quick reference.  Create unique lists for local bars, entertainment venues, and/or the best vegetarian restaurants.  The app will allow you to create individual lists which can be shared with friends.  Going bar hopping? Plan the bar stops before you go and share it with your friends, and no one will get lost this way unless he/she can’t see straight.

GPS MAP APPWhat I particularly like about Points for Places That Matter is the app gains value the more you use it and the more time you invest in it. We are planning a vacation to Chicago, and most city adventures with my unorganized family is wasted trying to figure out where to go and how to get there.  We will be using public transportation so I will spend the few extra minutes ahead of time pining all of the L-train locations.  The time spent will not only save us time on our vacation, but will certainly cut out an ugly public dispute with my wife while I walk aimlessly around the city hoping to find the L.  In short, I recommend this app for anyone who enjoys getting the most out of technology and who is willing to utilize the app for its resourcefulness.

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