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politaire for itunesDeveloper: TOPEBOX(Android),  Pine Entertainment (iOS)

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

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I must admit when I first read the title, Politaire, I figured a Polish version of solitaire. On the contrary, I am quite wrong, and its poker mixed with solitaire which makes absolutely perfect sense from a namesake perspective. I am a big fan of playing cards and finding playing card apps in right up my alley which is my next conquest is Politaire (as you might have probably figured out by now).

Playing Politaire

politaire for androidI would think this game is new to most who play card apps, but no worries….this app is equipped with a great tutorial to get you started. You are only playing against yourself and you have one deck to work with (in the free version). The game play is simple and so are the objectives, especially, if you are familiar with poker. Three cards will be visibly queued at the top of the screen which is where the solitaire blend is incorporated. Slide the cards from your hand to discard and create poker hands with the deck to score. The scoring is valued based on the odds of the hand so a royal flush will score the highest, for example. For a complete scoring list, tap the “Hand List” tab at the bottom of the screen. Consecutive scoring hands will be rewarded with a combo multiplier so it’s important to plan ahead. If you are good card counter, this will be beneficial to setting up and scoring winning hands. Complete challenges to level up in the game and inflate your ego.

Final Deal

I am going to give this app a couple more trial runs just because it is simple, yet strategy is also important. This playing card app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s a free card game app and if you don’t mind a few ads between hands, it can be enjoyed at your leisure. If you can’t stand the ads, upgrade to the premium version for $.99. You will also be rewarded the ability to play with two decks and decorative card backings.

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