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Project Foodie: Cooking Videos – Buy & Sell

Developer – IPC Mobile LLC

Price – $2.99 per month

Project Foodie and Why You Need It

My culinary career started in college cooking 10 cent Roman Noodles twice a day (Chef’s hint, drain all the water and then add the seasoning. You will change that bowl of bland soup into a delicious pasta).  I quickly graduated to mac and cheese when my daughter was born.  After learning the basics, I started actually cooking and quickly realized cooking a lobster bisque from an index card with my great grandmother’s recipe scribble on it in broken English was quite difficult.  I know Project Foodie isn’t the first to the market place with video cooking tutorials but they are the first which provides video tutorials actually slow paced enough such that you can actually follow the directions.  New York renowned chef and owner of the Meatball Shop, Daniel Holtzman, walks you through each step of the way.

Project Features

Project Foodie does offer a limited amount of free content, but if you do like to cook, I would recommend skipping the free material and paying the $2.99 for the first month and really dive into the content and recipes. I chose three separate meals from their extensive library. New content and menu items are continually being added and usually follows the time of the year or is a seasonal theme.  The first thing I noticed when starting out was the ability to select how many people I am cooking for, and the app will customize the ingredients for the quantity of people you are cooking for.  This is great!  If I am cooking, I am drinking, and don’t need to be slowed down with simple multiplication.  The app really takes the time to walk you through the cooking process and provides you culinary tips which you will use for future meals. For example, I learned out to properly cut and deseed an avocado.

Project Foodie Conclusion

The app is easy to use and does offer a lot of unique recipes. I recommend watching the cooking tutorial on your phone as it is extremely helpful. It is slow paced and you can always pause, rewind the video, or watch it in slow motion.  The cost is very reasonable at just $2.99 per month.  Try it for one month and if you don’t find it helpful or useful, just quit and try another app.

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