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dog training appDeveloper: Chin and Cheeks LLC

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download with in-app purchases


Training your dog(s) involves patience and more so for puppies. Different breeds are known to be more receptive than others so it takes time and effort for all owners and dogs involved. Well, Puppr is here to help and perhaps you can “teach an old dog new tricks” with this new dog training app.

Time to Train Your Dog

puppr appThe app is available to pretty much everyone as you can download it for both iOS and Android devices. Assuming you will do so, first, you will be prompted to enter your “puppr’s” name and sex. Then training is about ready to begin. The app has a built-in clicker which you tap to acknowledge an acceptable behavior from your dog. Needless to say, make sure your volume is turned up on your device.

dog training appThe home screen of the app gets right into the training and tricks by offering several different lesson packs to choose from: Basics, Silly, Silly 2.0, Charming, Circus, and Useful. Under each lesson pack, you will notice a variety of commands. Each command screen will display the level of difficulty and a step-by-step process. Note, you will need to have some treats on standby. We all need motivation to learn, and perhaps, I would be more motivated if someone would offer me treats. And no, I don’t dog appneed a clicker to be alerted of an acceptable action. By the way, the clicker will always be located at the lower right of the screen.  The training and trick commands shown with a padlock symbol below them is where the in-app purchases come into play. There are no advertisements, but lesson packs are sold at $2.99 each which is very reasonable considering the amount the typical dog owner incurs for basic necessities and trips to the vet. Some of these commands will take more time than others, and some are really unique which you just have to try like “turning off lights.” I can’t even get my wife and kids to do that!

Final Notes

Basically, you have to train yourself to be able to train your dog. Puppies will require a little more training and diligence but it’s better to teach them now than later. The more your dog learns, the easier it will be to introduce new commands and tricks. Keep a journal to help track you and your dog’s progress. You will become a proud owner and will being showing off your dog thanks to the Puppr dog training app.


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