Push – Relaxing Slow Pace Puzzle Game


Developer – Rainbow Train

Price – 99 Cents

Puzzle GamePush Overview

This puzzle game known only as Push is designed to be a slow paced trial and error style puzzle game reminiscent of the old school hands-on tangled nails style puzzle your dad played (pictured left). Similar to the nail puzzle you never played, the intent of the game is to just fiddle with it while using minimal thought.  The game is provided with no clues, time limit, or scoring, as the developers aren’t trying to create competition or stress.

puzzle gamePush Game Play

The gameplay is simple. You are presented with different rotating blocks with buttons of differing symbols and numbers. Your goal is to push all of the buttons in a systematic order. As soon as you miss the sequence, the buttons will all restore back to the original state, a subtle game over notice.  You will never revert in game play, and don’t have “lives”, so don’t worry about the resets.  If you do come across a seemingly difficult puzzle, you can always resort to previous levels, regain confidence, and try to figure out the patterns.  Again, everything the developer (Rainbow Train) designed was not to confuse you or frustrate you, but rather provide you a simple, fun puzzle app.  The background music is  just as simplistic with a techno feel, exemplifying the simple nature of the game.  It reminds me of 1990’s hit “Around the World” by Daft Punk.  One of these days we will run a promotional give away to whoever can guess my age based on my dated references.

puzzle gameConclusion

I did play the game for a few days and definitely got the idea, but I just don’t have the desire to pick up the game and play it after my required due diligence. While we generally don’t write reviews for games we won’t play after the publication of the article, we found the concept of the game to be great and really believe a lot of people will enjoy it.  The no clues or direction and abstract thought process is similar to The Guides Axiom (which we enjoy). However, it just doesn’t grab me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t grab you. If you enjoy puzzles, the $.99 cent price tag is worth the investment (similar to an investment towards a McDonald’s double cheese burger).  Also note, the developers provided value with this game as there are no ads or in-app purchases required.

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