Rave App Gets “Rave” Reviews!

rave mobile appDeveloper: Rave Inc

Rating: Teen

Price: Free

One of the nicest ways to enjoy TV or movies at home is via inviting a friend. But if your friend can’t come or you find it easier to talk and chat, Rave offers you a way to do that and enjoy the experience as you see fit.

rave mobileYou can use Rave to binge Netflix with friends and exchange some impressions and ideas the way you want. Moreover, you can also watch videos and listen to music with people from all over the world.

The app also has support from Vimeo, Viki, Reddit and a huge range of other platforms too. The nice thing that a lot of people don’t know about Rave is that you can upload videos to Google Drive or Dropbox. This way you can have global movie nice and watch stuff with others whenever you want.

Rave also has a nice feature because it can help sync your phones and create an instant speaker system. You will listen the exact thing that others do, and that on its own is really great. Apparently, Rave also has VR support, but that’s still being worked on, so you may want to take that into consideration.

The app also allows you to create music mashups if you want. That’s a nice opportunity, and one that’s bound to bring in front quite a lot of value and appreciation because of that reason alone. A lot of people like platforms like this because they encourage communication, and they are just a lot of fun to use.

rave video appRave is no exception, it makes it easy for you to connect with friends and watch everything in any way you want. The overall results are great and the value as a whole is extremely special. That’s maybe the coolest thing about this app, the fact that you can connect with others and comment on what you are watching.

Rave contains ads, but there are no in-app purchases which is nice. They did a very good job with the interface too, although they could add support for Hulu and some other platforms. But it’s still a really good app the way it is, and people do end up downloading it to enjoy some quality time with friends.

Should you use Rave? I enjoyed my time with the app, and overall, it did a very good job at bringing in a cool experience and lots of fun. It’s a great concept, and the app brings it perfectly to the table. Overall, you should consider giving it a try, so do that right away!

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