Rush: Arcade Game App

rush app gameDeveloper: Ketchapp

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with premium upgrade option

Game apps are a plenty in the world of downloading free apps and it’s been a while since I reviewed a free game for apps so today’s feature app is Rush. It’s a hot, trendy app so I had to download it to see what all the “rush” is about.

Rush Game Play

rush app for androidThere is really no laborious registration process required in order to play. The tutorial is straightforward. Tap the screen to change lanes. “Change lanes for what?” you ask. Well, the game entails a sphere rolling down a roller coaster like road whereas you have to avoid obstacles and to dodge such obstructions you have to tap the screen to move from lane to lane. Don’t slide your finger! It takes too much time and makes the game play harder. The game requires quick thinking and patience as it is challenging at first. Don’t be distracted by the techno music in the background and become riveted by the neon color theme as it only enhances Rush. As you navigate the sphere through the roller coaster- like road, your speed will increase and your reaction time is tested. The first couple times I played this, I literally made it past three or four obstacles. Pitiful! Luckily, restarts are unlimited.  Advice: look ahead along the road as if you were driving a vehicle. This seemed to help me elevate my game after my first failed attempts.

Collect gems for extra points to rank up. You will receive daily rewards to unlock different roads and different types of spheres like an 8-ball for example. Once you get the hang of it, compare your high scores with players across the world. I am not at that level yet. The free version does contain ads, but if you upgrade to the premium package for $1.99 you will lose the ads and earn gems two times faster.

Final Take

Simply put, the controls are easy and the game play is addictive, yet challenging. It’s one of those games you can set down and come back too. I would advise taking a break every once in a whiles as staring at the screen with bright colors and the general pace of the game becomes hypnotic. It’s available for both Android and Apple so give it a try.

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