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suicide prevention appDeveloper: ISD Innovations, Inc.

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Price: Free

Let me introduce this article by first stating that I am not an expert or educated in this field, and honestly, it is an unfortunate topic to even fathom, but it’s real. The whole point of this article and app is prevention and awareness so I feel it is my civic duty to at least address it where I am expert, reviewing apps. With this being said, I give you SPA – Suicide Prevention App.

What the App Offers

best suicide prevention appLuckily, the app format is not complicated for such a complicated matter. You must agree to the “User Agreement” to utilize it by just tapping the check box, and this will wrap up the registration process. It is anonymous. The home screen lists four categories: Information, Assess, Safety Plan, and Resources. The Information category gives an overview of the app, offers assessment recommendations, lays out step for safety planning, and helps identify the signs. The Assess feature actually helps you help someone else by listing questions to ask. The Safety Plan is a step-by-step guide to assist one in identifying things or triggers both good and bad. Finally, the Resource category lists phone numbers, hotlines, texting, online resources, and local mental health services and emergency rooms. The app also offers additional, external resources which is listed under the menu screen. These are basically sponsors and simply click on the icon and you will be redirected online to learn more. You may also notice a “Donate Here” button at the bottom of the same screen. This will also redirect you online where you can support the cause with a small donation via Amazon, PayPal, or Google.

Final Note

Suicide does not discriminate. It is saddening to think this is something which exists all over the world and even daily, however, it is important to address. Once you acknowledge a problem, you can find ways to solve it. In this case, you hope to not have to deal with suicide prevention, but in an instance you may be the person to assist someone else or you even are the person, this app is just another resource for the cause. Who would think an app may be a lifesaver?

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