StatMuse Review – Sports Voice App– Probably the Best Sports App


Best Sports AppDeveloper – StatMuse Inc.

Price – Truly free with no add on purchases

Best Sports App 2017Features Like No Other Sports App

I know… I thought the same when I saw StatMuse. How is this app any different than all the other sporting apps in the watered down sporting app market? I pondered downloading the app for about a week in the app store before I reluctantly downloaded it.  It starts out similar to all the other sports apps by prompting you to select the teams you wish to follow for updates..  I see this as the only similarity between Statmuse and the other sporting apps.  In addition to the normal updates, the app utilizes the Apple voice recognition (similar to the Zello Walkie Talkie App) to allow you to ask it unlimited questions.  It’s like Siri dedicated to sports.  The voice recognition software works effectively. Your statement is spelled out as you speak, and I could watch as it removed my embarrassing quantity of verbal pauses.  I asked about a hundred sports questions ranging from past to present and obscure to obvious like asking the score of the Sunday football game I was currently watching. It passed the tests…  The app responds to your question(s) from either a sports personality like Payton Manning or LeBron James, but Scott Van Pelt (ESPN) answers most.  As a free app, I don’t know how they paid for the sports personalities.  nor was I prompted to buy an additional question per day.  Better yet, I saw no advertising (advertising will probably get fixed in Version 2.0).  So after that app answers your question, you can scroll down for more information related to the question.  For example I asked who has the most career homeruns, and it correctly responded with Barry Bonds (it lacked the *), and displayed all of Barry Bonds career stats plus a list of the top career homeruns by player.  In my continued use, the only issue I had was about 10% of time it didn’t understand my comment and would answer a different question  This app is brand new, and I am hoping this issue will be resolved by the developer.  When you aren’t using the cool voice recognition the app will cycle through updates for your selected teams including the normal stuff see on the other apps, like what time is their next game, results from the last game and standings but additionally it will shoot out interesting stats that will wow your coworkers at the water cooler.

Best Sports App For AndroidStatMuse Conclusion – DownLoad This One

In closing, this app will replace your current sports update app but adds two great new values not seen in the sporting app venue. First, the voice activation feature saves you time in lieu of typing questions into Google, and secondly, it is simply a very smart sports almanac.  Whether you just like your favorite team updates or like me, sit around bars arguing irrelevant sports trivia, this app is for you.  This is  one useful app.  StatMuse will continue to add sports personalities at about one a week rate, imagine if Charles Barkley could tell you that’s terrible, and I have heard rumblings that a Statmuse skill for Amazon Alexa will be out by years end.

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