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StockX – Your Market Street for Goods

StockX Overview

Since reviewing Stadium Goods a week ago, I have become a full fledge want to be sneaker head. While searching every end of the internet for sneakers in my price range (low), I came across StockX.  StockX is a market place similar to the stock market, where sellers can list their goods for their minimum asking price and buyers can offer or bid their highest price, and when both parties meet in the middle, a transaction is completed.  StockX offers transactions in the high end markets of sneakers, streetwear, watches and handbags.  While older items can be offered, everything sold is in the new, unused condition referred to as deadstock.  Each sale is individually reviewed to ensure authentic and in the unused.

StockX Software and Offerings

StockX requires the typical login requirements. After logging in, you are provided four general categories (Sneakers, Streetwear, Watches and Handbags) where you will be presented with the sub-categories most popular, Lowest asks (deals), Highest ask (most in demand) and Release calendar (items based on the newest release).  At the bottom of the homepage is a unique market index which will show the overall value of the manufacturer goods. Similar to the DOW Jones Industrial Average, this index provides collectors an insight into market conditions based on the manufacturer and is pretty valuable for the more than “casual collector”.  The bottom of the app provides users the market page (also the home page discussed above), the browse page, the search page, and your account page where your current offers, sales, purchases and lifetime purchases and sales are shown.  StockX does provide the bonus to frequent buyers similar to a sandwich punch card where after every five purchases your shipping on your next purchase is free.

StockX Recommendation and Final Thoughts

General searching of goods on StockX is not as easy as it’s competitors as you are only provided a minimum amount of categories to narrow your search. It is best to find the product you want on another site and then review the pricing on StockX.  The major benefit of StockX is the guarantee of quality and authenticity. Beyond requiring all goods to be unused and authentic, they also require them to be provided in the original box.  While the standard for boxes is a bit more relaxed as they allow minor wear and dents but on tears or missing lids) this is not case for most sneaker providers online, they provide a new replica box.  The minimum accepting price is listed for each shoe and will vary for size, the app even shoes you recent sale prices (from many sites) and sale trends.  Don’t expect to shoot a bid 25% percent below the minimum price and assume it to be accepted.  If the sneakers are most have, offer the minimum (there many only be one offered at this price).  If you like the shoes and want a deal, offer 5 or 10% below the minimum and see want happens.  I scored a pair of the Jordan II’s in the UNC colorway with this same strategy.  You will rarely find pricing on StockX below the offerings of EBay, but you will also never find the quality of StockX on EBay.  The term excellent condition on EBay is definitely ambiguous.  I will continue to browse at other sites but StockX will be my final stop before purchasing.

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