The Game of Life – Classic Board Game App

game of life appDeveloper: Marmalade Game Studio

Rating: Everyone

Price: $2.99

The Game of Life Apple Download

The Game of Life App Apple Download

Another classic board game has made its way into the mobile gaming and app world, and I am genuinely happy about it. I can easily reminisce about playing “Life” in the board game form, but that’s not what we at ReviewThisApp are about. The Game of Life is now available for download to your phone and/or your tablet, and I would recommend multiple devices because if you remember the board game, you will understand it is does involve time.

Getting Started with Life

game of life mobile appThere is no real registration process involved, but you can login to Facebook if you wish to establish an identity. You will be given the choice to play locally (versus computer players) or online. You will then be prompted to select “Full Mode” or “Fast Mode” which is a shorter version that sets a random victory condition. Your character can be customized prior to getting started and of course you are dealing with the original peg-like people. A minimum of four players are required for game play at least if you are playing local mode so you the other three players will be computer generated. The game starts in traditional fashion whereas each player spins the wheel and the player who scores the highest goes first. When it’s your turn to start choose “Career” or “Graduate” and you will be presented with four random cards by which you can pick two, and then pick the preference of the two selections. Spin the wheel and your life adventure has begun.

game of lifeAs you move along the game board, you may receive your salary, buy a house, get an Action Card, have a baby, or play a Minigame. Some events like getting married have you collecting money from other players while other events have you competing against other players for money or even paying out money to opponents based on their life occurrences. The object is to collect the most money through life events as we all wish to do in real life. The game will do the score keeping for you, and you can fast forward through other players’ turns. You can even pause the game, and don’t worry, you progress will be randomly saved so you can continue games or even start a new game at any time.

Final Take

There so much more to describe in the game and the developer did a fantastic job with the graphics to arouse my nostalgia of playing the actual board game as a kid. If I go into every detail, you will become so bored with this article, I fear my long-winded descriptions will bore you into not even playing this app. I just wanted to give you a quick intro in an attempt lure you into playing this classic game which I came to enjoy but with today’s technology.

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