The Greeting Card App I’ve Been Waiting For

Greeting Card Apps DownloadDeveloper: Felt Cards

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download. Cards are separate cost.

 I will be very forthright about this. I hate shopping for cards of any kind. They never say what I want them to say, and they are overpriced. I am starting to think the same people who sell concessions at the movie must be the same marketers for stationery cards. So as I am forced to be the guy who doesn’t wanna show up without a card, I find myself in the card aisle staring aimlessly and reading a bunch of nonsense. Oh, and better yet, every other card I pick up has some lame song blaring at you the second you open it up to read it. (WHOOOO LET THE DOGS OUT?! WHO…WHO, WHO?!) While people gawk at me, my anxiety ramps up, and I on the verge of verbally exercising every expletive I can think of. Well…the app gods, specifically the developer Felt Cards, have answered my prayers.

Card Making App For AndroidThe app’s full name is Felt: Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards, & Thank You’s. I am already planning to send Felt a thank you card for this one. The price is right too. Cards range from $3 to $6 sealed, stamped, and mailed. There are predetermined covers for every occasion and/or you can customize your card with photos and your own words. The word editor is very easy to use. You can chose your font style, color, case, and justification. Use your finger as your pen and make your card as personal as you see fit. Press the check mark button and proceed to the next screen or fill out the pertinent addresses on the envelope. At your initial checkout, you will have to register an email account and payment method. There aren’t any annoying ads to mention as this app purely operates off the sale of cards.

I will give the convenience factor a perfect score for this  app. At best, your card will be delivered within 24 hours, but if you are the procrastinating type, this greeting card app may not suit you. Also, it is only currently available for Android smartphones and tablets. It is actually easier to use the word editor on a tablet. For the Apple users, I sent an email to Tim Cook and expressed my discontent. He replied in a statement suggesting the IPhone X will be able to print greeting cards from the actual phone, therefore, he is not interested. Just kidding…I will update this blog if and when it becomes Apple ready.

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