The Peoples’ Best Calorie Counter & Weight Loss App, “BALANCE FOOD TRACKER AND CALORIE COUNTER.”

Simple Calorie Counter app

Developer: Runtastic

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and use with in-app purchases.

The Best Calorie Counter App

 As some of us watch the Biggest Loser, it is evident the struggle with weight loss is real. It can be difficult eating healthy as fast food ads are blasted in our faces daily, and you can’t travel very far in suburbia without seeing an ice cream or frozen custard shop. There are even some people (not me) who battle with weight gain.  Well, the “Balance Food Tracker and Calorie Counter” is the best calorie counter app on the market and is at your service.

Let me be very clear about this weight loss app. It will NOT lose the weight for you. This would be a monumental achievement in the world of apps so don’t hold your breath…it isn’t happening.


I will also refer to this as a “dieting app” because once you download the app to your smartphone or tablet, you are prompted to select either Lose Weight, Gain Weight, or Eat Healthy.  I like to be given a choice so this is an encouraging start for the balance food tracker and calorie counter app. Tap the screen to select your diet. I will make this personal as an example, and inform you that I chose Lose Weight.  The next screen will require you to input your demographics such as name, birthdate, height, weight, and goal/target weight. Make sure you pay attention to the units when entering these statistics whether you utilize metric (most of the world) or imperial (US) units. After I filled out all the necessary fields, the next screen pulls up your “Diary.” This is basically your home page for this app. From top to bottom, the page displays the following: your personalized daily calorie allowance, dietary info like carbs, proteins, and fat, categories for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, your current and target weight, and an update your weight button.<<take a breath>> The page does contain intermittent ad ribbons so take notice of these, as well. You can also change you goal which is shown directly under the snacks category. For example, if you reach your target weight, change your goal to Eat Healthy.

best calorie counter app Now, it’s time to make use of this app as your daily journal or diary as the app calls it. I would recommend updating your weight in the morning since this when you typically weigh less. You can skip a couple of days to update your weight and surprise yourself, or go on vacation like me and gain five pounds to only start a new weight loss diet. I digress. Anyway, this app is very user friendly, and it is as simple as inputting your food and drink of choice. Select the meal or snack category from the diary page, Press the “+” to add an item, search for the specific food or drink, slide to the appropriate portion size, and tap the check mark icon to accept the entry. Back out to the home screen and watch the calorie allowance counter update, and the carbs, protein, and fat will be tabulated. The best calorie counter app contains an extensive library of foods and drinks and is even populated with your favorite restaurants and fast food joints. I wouldn’t recommend fast food for the Lose Weight goal. It is good, though.

If you forget a meal or even want to look ahead, no worries…you can always revise your daily diary in retrospect or plan for meals for the future by simply tapping the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the diary home page. You also have the ability to delete a meal or drink, but you will have to go to the specific category, select the entry, press the icon shown as three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and push delete.

More Than a simple calorie counter app

The bulk of the app benefits have been described in the aforementioned paragraphs. However, there is more. In the bottom ribbon of the home screen, pictured are “News Feed,” “Plans,” and “Profile” icons. The News Feed icon links you to Runtastic sponsored articles and blogs and affiliates (i.e. – Adidas). The Plans icon directs you to specific meal and drink plans related your goal which is Weight loss in my case. This is where the in-app purchases come into play in the form of 3-6 month intervals ranging from $.97/week to $2.33/week. The more months you subscribe the cheaper per week rate you will be charged. A successful diet requires a good meal plan so this feature could be right up your alley for a small price compared to that of the actual food. Lastly, you can also view your Profile and modify your previously entered settings, if necessary, and include an associated picture, if so desired.

CLOSING ARGUMENTSBest Calorie Counter App 2017

I took the time to make this blog a little longer than usual and more detailed as I feel it is important that we do everything we can to be healthy and live longer. I am not going to act like I am educated in the field of nutrition, but I will state the obvious. As the typical diet regimen requires discipline and exercise, take the time to use this dieting and weigh loss app as a journal to help you meet and exceed your goal(s).

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