Developer: Somebody a lot smarter than me (Tripscout Inc).

Rating: Teen

Category: Travel

Price: Free download, subject to in app purchases.


Besst Free Travel AppsTripscout Travel App Overview

There really aren’t too many travel apps out there available compared to Trip Advisor, but this international travel app is fresh and has potential. It offers self-guided city tours via an interactive map that is downloaded to your phone. This app is relatively new so you are privileged to the tour for about 60+ cities worldwide, currently.

Best Travel App for EuropeHow the Tripscout travel app works

After installing the app, the app home screen lists and pictures international cities ranging from Alexandria, Egypt to Yuma, Arizona. If you do not see your particular city listed, you can request a city by scrolling down the home page until the “Request City” ribbon pops up. For example, I am traveling to California later this month. I will not disclose the particular city because consequent of my current popularity due my master app reviewing skills, I would appreciate some time alone and not be pursued by a fan club. Anyway, I digressed. I did request my city of choice and immediately was notified via email of my request from TripScout. If by happenstance, your city is listed, simply select a desired city by touching the screen, and this opens a new screen. This screen allows you to purchase the city guide ranging from $.99 to $4.99. The cheaper guides usually do not contain the audio feature. The available cities include a brief description and most have an audio intro with some fun facts about the destination narrated by an English fellow. It’s not quite the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman, but its short and sweet adding for a nice feature. So if you decide to bite the bullet and purchase the city tour guide, remember it is downloaded to your phone and does not require a wireless signal or network connectivity to view at any time. I reckon this is nice price for a nice app feature especially when you are already probably investing a significant amount of time and money for your trip and/or vacation.

As an offline travel app, you will be able to find your way around the city(ies) of your choice. Whatever you fancy whether it is local restaurants, places of entertainment, historical sites, etc., the app is very useful app in that regard. You also have the ability to customize the app by selecting places of interest.


Should I download this travel app?

This app is worth the download so I am going to keep it on my phone. This app has the potential to be one of the best travel planning apps. Personally, I have yet to buy any of these guides since I am not traveling there specifically. If you do download and opt to purchase any of the tour guides, please comment at my site. I appreciate updates as much as you experience them, and I will be updating this review as “app”licable.  If that doesn’t sell you, the app has received recognition from the likes of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and even Forbes. This travel app is Android and Iphone compatible so give it a try. Look at it this way… at least you will be looking at your phone and not thumbing through pages of an overpriced guide book or fumbling around with a map looking like a disoriented tourist. ALL HAIL THE SMARTPHONE!



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