Twisty Tiles – Old School Puzzles With a Twist

twisty tiles for itunesTwisty Tiles Puzzling Art

Developer – Qneo

Price – $1.99

Twisty Tiles Mobile Game Download

Twisty Tiles Puzzling Art Game Overview

The past year brings an explosion of mobile puzzle games. We have seen everything from really good ones like Block Puzzle AR to abstract ones like Push and while I am not quite ready to label Twisty Tiles my favorite mobile puzzle game, I might be ready to distinguish it as my favorite if it continues to keep my undivided attention for another couple of weeks.   Twisty Tiles is essentially your grandmother’s cardboard puzzles with a twist (see how I worked that in).  Twisty Tiles follows the new trend in mobile puzzle games of providing no introduction, tutorial, or directions.  But don’t worry, just like Texas hold ’em, the game takes a day to learn (really only about a minute) but a life time to master.  You are provided puzzle pieces that are already placed into the final format but each piece is rotated jumbling the puzzle.  Just push the tile to rotate it until you complete the pattern.  Sounds easy right, well it is for the first few levels.  As the game proceeds so does the difficulty.  The quantity of pieces increase as do the options on moving the pieces.  In some levels you will be required to move pieces that are grouped, flip pieces, and even rotate 3D puzzles.  There is no score, time limit, or lives and the game is really just about self-satisfaction.  While the puzzles do increase in difficulty rapidly, you won’t find yourself getting too frustrated or your brain too twisted (I just won’t stop with these lame puns) as the light bulb in the corner acts as a hint button rotating one tile for you and following the theme of no pressure or scores. You are allowed unlimited hints.  The music is slow and redundant allowing you to get lost in the puzzles almost hypnotized in a way.  The home screen will always take you back to the level screen, where you can go back and play any level you have already completed.

Twisty Tiles Puzzling Art Final Thoughts

Those of you who are frequent ReviewThisApp readers, know that I genuinely enjoy puzzle games (I still play Block Puzzle AR) and continue playing them well past my due diligence phase and Twisty Tiles is no different. I am not even half way through the levels and find myself reaching for my phone every available minute I have.  The game doesn’t require Wi-Fi connectivity so it is perfect for plane rides or just playing when you exceed your data limits.  With approximately 75 levels, there is plenty of enjoyment packed into your $2 investment.  Twisty Tiles Puzzling Art is also a no gimmick game purchase as there are no ads or hidden in-app purchases in the game.

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