Two Cool, Daily Use Apps

notepad appNotin – Notepad App

Developer: Lazy Ninja

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

notes appIf you are looking for a quick notepad or a “to do” list app, Notin, may be your app. This notepad app functions just as the name suggests. Notin is short for notes in your notification. It’s simple. Activate the app, type in your text, tap the “plus” sign, and your note is stored in your menu bar. Keep reminders, make a “to do” list, or a grocery list. You can clear the notification at any time or keep it as long as you like. Note, you cannot edit existing notifications.  Sorry Apple lovers…this one’s only available for the Android aficionados. You all have Notepad, anyway, which is just as good.


Unroll.Me – Email App

unroll me appDeveloper:

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

unroll meMost email hosting domains do a good job of filtering the spam and trash from our inbox such that we really don’t have to worry about reading or deleting junk email from our inbox. However, there are still many emails which make their way into our inbox usually consequent of us providing our email for some random registration like apps or even phishing attempts nowadays. Without further ado, I give you Unroll.Me. This email app is all about cleaning out you inbox beyond what Gmail can do. I was very impressed with how straightforward this app is to use.  Type in the email address you want to access and the app automatically populates the screen with the senders in your email’s inbox. Then, it just comes down to a flick of the finger. If you are in “Card View,” you simply drag or flick left to unsubscribe from emails, flick up to “roll up” the ones you want to keep receiving on a regular basis, and flick right to keep the email. If you are not feeling the actions identified above, you can select “List View,” and then tap unsubscribe, rollup, or keep. You can always go back and edit the email preferences by tapping the “edit” icon which looks like a pencil or pen.

Good news, readers…this app is available for Apple and Android users.

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