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Developer – Zellowork

Price – Free for personal use

Walkie Talkie AppZellow Walkie Talkie App Overview

Put your tracker hat on because the Zello Walkie Talkie app is basically a CB radio without the distance limitations. The app can be used with any WIFI signal or wireless signal.  The two-way radio transmissions are clear and simply requires you to push a button to speak, but  I am hoping for a voice activated upgrade.  The app allows you to join channels already set up on a variety of topics or start channels.  This is a relatively new app, and it was slightly difficult finding a channel that interested me such as channels on sports or technology.  The channels are basically religious or agenda based.  I tried a couple of channels and found the conversations to be scattered and mostly arguing or boring chatter.  I had hoped to find channels for my local sporting teams, where we could discuss in detail the bad callthat my wife is tired of hearing me complain about or discuss meaningless fantasy football topics like which kicker I should pick up on my byeweek. The real value lies in the shared channels which hosts rescue information.  I tuned into the Hurricane Irma channel and was pleasantly surprised as it appeared one gentleman was really running the channel, answering questions and requesting the line to remain clear for just serious inquires.

The walkie talkie app allows you to engage contacts you have or create private channels. The private channel might be used similar to group texts. We created a private channel for my family and for a week we tried it out.  It was helpful at times, making announcements at the mall to meet at the food court (yeah, we still go their).  However, the app requires you to be logged on to receive messages and the messages were hard to hear if you keep your phone in your pocket.

Zello Walkie Talkie App Uses

The lack of a true hands free option doesn’t make it a legal communication medium in most states while driving, and the need to have the app open really makes it unlikely media to replace texting for frequent communication between family and friends. I hope with popularity of the app, more interesting channels may start up, but until then, the app for normal use is more of a rare application based use and not an everyday application like sports apps.  I would use it in the future if we were caravanning for a vacation, or if we were camping, but daily use for me is just not there.

Zello Walkie Talkie App Greatest Use

Walkie Talkie App

This is more than just a walkie talkie app and the real value as I see it, is the emergency information communication ability, especially and unfortunately, in our current day. In a natural disaster situation, the ability to receive updates and even ask for important information is invaluable.  During Hurricane Irma, the conversations were professional and informative and over 1000 people were on the channel.  I can easily foresee emergency response teams utilizing the app as a communication medium.  I do think because of this application, the app is really practical and adds true value and safety for its users, and would strongly encourage the use of this app during major storms ,natural disasters or similar emergency situations Hopefully, this situation will never apply to you but even if you may know someone who faces such a predicament, this will become a very useful app.


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