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Wish - Shopping App ReviewDeveloper: Wish Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Wish – Shopping App Intro

The age of shopping and outlet malls may be on the decline, but app technology has risen to our cause with advent of the smartphone. Today, the shopping app I have chosen to review is aptly named “Wish-Don’t OverPay.” This may be one of the best shopping apps I have researched lately as the discounts offered are extraordinary. The discounts offered typically range from 40-90% off. I know! I couldn’t believe it either!

Wish Shopping Made FunAbout Wish

I will go out on a limb and just say, “Install this app.” Upon opening the app you are entitled to a free gift. Who doesn’t love free? There isn’t much more in this world that is free which is why you will be charged for shipping for your free gift, but it’s only $1. This may be the only downfall of this app I have encountered to date. The app offers your typical online shopping like “browse” and “search” functions if you have something particular in mind. You can also refine your search by indicating the size, color, and the review rating of a particular item. In general, the shopping is organized into categories: Wallets & Bags, Gadgets, Phone Upgrades, Fashion, Shoes, Tops, Bottoms, Underwear, Watches, Accessories, Hobbies, and Home Décor. There is also a category in the shopping ribbon for “outlet” items with pricing discounted up to 97%. That is SICK! And the deals don’t stop. A deal dash function along the ribbon lets you spin the wheel of deals. Basically, this feature permits you to shop an inventory of predetermined goods, but you have only a certain time (like ten minutes) to do so and are only allowed to utilize the option once daily.

Have you ever had an app that wants to get to know you? Well, the app gets personal too by presenting a “Made for You” category which populates a personalized page with shirts, coffee mugs, and bags based on your gender, name, and location. These demographics are initially requested when downloading this app.

Once you feel you have had enough of saving your hard earned cash, simply check out using the standard “cart” feature, and don’t forget to check out your “Recently Viewed” items to make sure there aren’t items queued in this category.

Wish Shopping App In closing…

Even if you are not the shopping type, and you are already paid your $99 for your annual Amazon Prime membership, myself included, it offers a wide variety products at ridiculously low prices. Don’t confuse this app with Groupon, either, as it does not offer discounts for restaurants, activities, entertainment, and travel services.


You might also be asking yourself, “Is this legit?” The answer is yes. There are plenty of name brand items like Beats headphones, Asics shoes, and Burberry cologne to name a few. You will also receive plenty of notifications on special and limited offers. Some of these offers are almost too cheap to believe which is probably why this app has so much popularity.

Most people like to save money whether it is extreme couponing or simply looking for the best discounts. So as the average consumer like myself, download this to your Iphone, Android, and/or tablet and make this one of your favorite shopping apps.



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