“WRAPPUP” – Best Voice Recording App Yet?

Developer: Wrappup, Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


 Whether you consider yourself white collar or blue collar, inevitably, you will find yourself sitting in a meeting. Your attendance may have a purpose, or you are just a fly on the wall. I find myself in both predicaments as often as corporate America dictates. Guess what? There is an app for us all now so we can easily document the conversation and support our relevance and attendance. Let me introduce the recording app, “Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder.” (You see how the developer put the word “app” in the name…very clever. I’m sold already.)

This app has more features than the standard voice recorder which your phone already comes equipped with. The features are promising, and as the tagline suggests, it is a “Meeting with Momentum.” (Catchy alliteration, too.)


This app is both Android and IPhone compatible so go ahead and do yourself a favor, and download it to your smartphone and/or tablet. After downloading, you will be presented with a tutorial and screens illustrating on how to record and highlight, playback, send summaries, and speech search which will demonstrate the features of the app. You will have to sign in with a registered email account. Then you are prompted to sync your calendar, location, and media, if so desired. The app automatically populates your calendar. Now, you can determine what meetings you will use this sweet app for.

Easy Voice RecorderSo let’s just say your attendance is mandated at a meeting called by the HR director who wishes to discuss how to implement a system for determining who has donut duty every Friday. Corporate America strikes again! (Because alphabetical order would just make too much sense.) You immediately determine that you’re A.D.D. will set in or you will be too hungover to focus at this meeting. This is where “Wrappup” steps in to save you. Engage the app, and then just press the microphone. Your recording will start immediately. Whether you are in LaLa land or actually paying attention, you can tap the app during the conversation to highlight or note a point. After the HR director justifies her job and the meeting has ended, hit the stop button. You can then add an appropriate title (Donut Duty) for the recording and playback at your leisure. The app will then create a smart speech search for the recording This will take a couple of minutes to hours to generate based on the duration of the meeting so don’t be alarmed when this feature doesn’t immediately pop up. You will be notified when your recording is ready for the speech search function where as you can search for particular words, phrases, and names. Even more so, you can choose the options to send summary, add people, share link, download audio file, get transcript, or delete the recording.


This recording app offers has many more advantages than disadvantages. This is an extremely useful app for project managers and administrative assistants responsible for publishing meeting minutes. This also offers back-up for the guy who says “I never said that!” Additionally, I would also suggest this as a recording tool for students to record lectures while taking notes because we all have slept during class at some point. On the downside, this app will not capture any of the visual presentation or portion of a meeting, lecture, or conference, and it might not pick up all of the voice recognition in larger rooms but it is still a smart recording app. This app should also not be used to record snoring. I know what it sounds like! Seriously…this app is even fun to mess around with so try it out before you get comfortable with it and make sure your device’s battery is charged. Written and verbal documentation is very important in any profession, contrary to my lame example above.

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