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You remember when the internet was a one way form of information, when you only received information? Then in the mid 2000’s, the internet quickly changed to a two way information machine with the advent of social sharing sites Myspace and Facebook and the beginning of informal free advertising on Craigslist.   YESMLS has the unique potential of following suit and making a separate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) accessible to all, not just realtors.


New MLSYESMLS – How It Works

Like all great new technology services, it is easy. Simply sign up with your email, Facebook account or Google+ account and you are good to go. You are welcomed by four simple menus.  The Members menu allows you to connect with other members creating a database of potential buyers and sellers.  The Portfolio menu shows the active listing and your active listings.  The Groups menu allows you to create separate groups for buyers and sellers and the newsfeed menu.  I listed my property on the service just to see how it worked.  It was as simple as filling in fields describing your property characteristics and loading some pictures.  It did take a while for the software to process my information which I think are typical little hick ups which has to be expected from a first version software being out for only a few days.


YESMLS and How Will it Evolve

I think YESMLS will have a tough road ahead to create a completely free, organic MLS that has no legibility requirements. I don’t see traditional realtors embracing the service as it threatens their biggest selling point for service which is the ability to reach audiences.  Currently, access to list on the traditional MLS is restricted to MLS members (usually only realtors).  Starting out, I see this app’s services being a great tool for wholesalers (real estate professionals who buy and sell distressed and bargain homes off the MLS) who typically reach audiences through personal data bases of clients and craigslist.  This app is a great tool for such sellers and will quickly be picked up by wholesalers around the country.  The second group that must be smiling about the app, is the “For Sale By Owner” who doesn’t want to pay the typical 6 percent commissions.  Don’t get me wrong…realtors provide more services then just getting your property listed as they advise of price, negotiate the terms of sale, and see you through closing, and much more. On the other hand, for the real estate savvy investors and for the sell by owners who have these other abilities can access this app and save money.  Today the app has limited users and limited listings, but I know how new unique internet tools can explode quickly.  To my point, Netflix in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s changed how we rented movies, and they went ahead and followed up this evolution with changing how we watched television.  Time will only tell if YESMLS can change how we buy and sell houses, but I love apps that provide a social community while providing a unique service not seen before.

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