Zen App Review: Coloring Book for Adults

coloring book appDeveloper: JH Digital Solutions

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free, in-app purchases

You want a casual and relaxing app that makes you feel like an artist on a cloud? Discover Zen: Color Book for Adults. Hence the name, it is indeed an app which may exhibit a calming effect on you, believe it or not. It is an app which involves methodic patience and is not a race, but almost rather a form of meditation, if you will.

One thing I really struggled with in pre-school and kindergarten is neatness, and specifically, staying in the lines when coloring. Ultimately, it involves patience and diligence, but I was obviously young and immature. This is where Zen has captured the perfect audience as adults. This app offers plenty of styles and categories of artwork to color. I use the term color loosely as you are really just electronically filling spaces in so it easy to stay in the lines and create some spectacular masterpieces. Love it!

zen coloring book for adults downloadThe app performs a great tutorial to get you started too. Basically, there are two forms of inputting colors either via pencil or paint (bucket). The pencil will help with the smaller, finer areas and trust me, there are plenty of these. The paint feature will allow you to fill in entire areas quickly. The active color will be displayed on your left along with the pencil shading indicator which can be adjusted by sliding the bar indicator right (darker) or left (lighter). On this same side of the screen you will notice plethora of color selections. You can use the default colors or customize your own palette by tapping the paint palette icon on the right side of the screen and moving the cursor along the color chart as desired. Your color will then be saved to your palette. Make this a personalized as you want and don’t worry if you make a mistake as you can always undo or even delete (trash) your work. Your progress will continuously be autosaved so don’t be paranoid while “performing.” You want some inspiration or set the mood? Turn some music on, and I must tell you it is a rather soothing background music which is very Zen-like.

zen coloring book for adultsWhen you complete your masterpiece and assuming you will be proud of your achievement, feel free to share amongst family and friends. I bet they will be downloading this app shortly after you gloat about your accomplishment(s). There are plenty of free piece to choose from, and unlock the entire book of artwork for a measly $2 and give yourself endless hours of enjoyment and tranquility. In closing and if I had a piece of advice aside from downloading this app, I would recommend this app be probably best used on a tablet as my fingers are too stubby to pinpoint where I want certain colors to land at times. Nevermind me, go enjoy the Zen experience.

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